Old Photographs Part I

I love old photographs, I especially like old photographs of me!  Gosh I was a cute kid!  That would be me in this picture taken in 1952, my Uncle Al is holding me quite well.  The two other little boys were neighbors of my grandparents. Norman and Louie I think..well I may be wrong on the Louie part..but there were a lot of little boys in their area.. maybe it was Norman and Charles..Norman and Fred??  I know it was Norman and his brother!   This was taken at my Grandparents farm near Frazee, Minnesota. Note the clothes hanging on the clothes line and the chicken in the background.

I love the simplicity of the black and white photograph, the look on my face and the one little boys pants. My Mother took this picture.

I would like a caption for this photo, do you have any ideas? Please leave a comment!

Actually this is my way of saying I have to go work in my garage today, so I can fit my car in there.  Far Guy finished with the installation of one of my best birthday gifts of all time!  So I am off..well that is an understatement:)

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5 Responses to Old Photographs Part I

  1. Susan says:

    Three Boys and a Baby, or Ofta she’s a heavy one

  2. Far Guy says:

    Wow Farside I would recognize that expression on your face anywhere.

    OK, here’s my caption “Put me down or I’ll rip your face off.”

  3. East Side Professor says:

    How long do we have to hold her up?

  4. Lattice says:

    I like Susan’s captions, and what I’d really want to know is what was the “one of the best birthday presents of all time” thing??? I mean, I have a b-day coming pretty soon, too…!

    And did you need me to send Far Guy my “Bread in a Bag” recipe? It’s the easy no-mess way for him to make you fresh homemade bread…Birthday Girl!

  5. Far Side of Fifty says:

    Hey lattice, Yes we all want your wonderful bread recipe, why don’t you put it up on your blog? Or you can email it to me!
    Chance got me a garage door opener..read about it Sept. 20th blog!
    When is your birthday?? So I can send you a birthday message!

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