Poor Customer Service

I have major problems with poor customer service.   I have owned two businesses over the years, our greenhouse business which we just closed and a small fishing resort.  The things I have learned could fill a book. 

This morning I went into town to place an ad in the local newspaper.  I was their only customer, greeted with a "I will be with you in a minute" ..big sigh..rolls eyes attitude.  I place the order for my ad to appear on Wednesday and Saturday. She reads my neatly printed ad back to me. She wants to "Sell " me on an extra ad in the Express Shopper that comes out on Saturday and reaches 8,000 readers.   I reply  "Funny, I never get the Express Shopper until Tuesday."  Oh my goodness I have now attacked the poor little things whole world. "WHERE IN THE WORLD DO YOU LIVE ANYWAY?"  I reply "Osage."    I am informed that "Everyone gets it on Saturday" (so there old lady.)   "DO  YOU WANT IT OR NOT?"   "Yum, no thank you, I get it on Tuesday."  "WELL IT MUST BE A POST OFFICE PROBLEM THEN"    I pay the bill, and hand her the check.  She says "I have to write you a receipt."  I am thinking how extremely kind of you, should I thank you for going out of your way to write me a receipt. ( It is after all part of your JOB…Duh)  She hands me the receipt, she doesn’t say thank you, so long, farewell, or goodbye.  IF she worked for me I would fire her.

What she could have said but did not  "Hello!  How may I help you?"  "I am sorry to hear that you don’t get the Saturday Express Shopper until Tuesday" "Thank you for placing an ad with us"  "Have a nice day"  Being the only newspaper in the area, I suppose they think they have the corner on all the business..and I guess they do..another thing they have is no customer service. She never asked me if I was a subscriber either, and I am not. I read all my papers online.  So If I have this correct, she is just taking up valuable space, not greeting customers in a friendly manner, not "Selling" her employer, and not saying thank you to a customer that pays their bill.  I hear that readership and subscriptions are down..imagine that???

Before I left I handed her a typed letter to the editor concerning a Trigeminal Neuralgia Support Group. "I have a letter to the Editor, I emailed in a copy a few weeks ago and it was never printed" 
She said "Sign your name" I did and left:( 

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8 Responses to Poor Customer Service

  1. Peggy says:

    I agree with you completely. I see no excuse for not using plain old good manners all the time.

    I can’t believe that employers don’t make sure that the people they hire to provide customer service do exactly that – or else get someone else who will.

    My daughter would tell you that you’ve brought up one of my biggest pet peeves.

  2. anon says:

    That’s why you should put your ad in the Herald.

  3. says:

    Newspapers are hellholes to work in. I have sympathy for the poor woman.

  4. PrairieWoman says:

    I find more often than not that new employees are not properly trained anymore. I don’t think employers think it’s a valuable investment anymore. Sounds ridiculous if you ask me.

  5. pyro says:

    i will say that like clock work our “express” is in our mail box every saturday.

  6. roxane s. says:

    I feel for you. I’ve been advised to take the high road in such situations and agree that while it’s not always easy (or my initial response), it’s the better way. I know, easier said than done. :)

  7. Far Side of Ffity says:

    Pyro, YOU must be special..today is Tuesday and mine will be there today..and our mail boxes are six inches apart!
    anon, alas putting it in the GF Herald may have been a better option..a friendlier option.
    ZAZ, I don’t care if they are hell holes, when someone works with the public and is the first person you see when entering a business, they should greet you in a friendly manner.
    Peggy, I hate to say it but the area we live in is noted for its poor customer service. But it gives me lots of fodder for blogs.
    Prairie Woman, Part of the problem is poor training, employers just don’t insist on good customer service anymore.
    Roxane, Sometimes I am stuck mucking my way through the LOW road all by myself.

    Thank you to all of you for taking the time to post a comment! :)

  8. remrafdn says:

    I was in our local Super Valu the other day waiting at the checkout. The person at the checkout called for a second checker so I moved to the other checkout and was first in line. I thought I was would have to shave again before that airhead got there. Someone should tell those teeny-boppers the facts of life in the workplace.

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