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The Newspaper article came out today, finally some public awareness about this horrible disorder we know as Trigeminal Neuralgia.   Here is the link to the article. :)

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5 Responses to Newspaper Article

  1. PrairieWoman says:

    YOU are a good woman and your husband is a very lucky man to have someone like you at his side. Great article and I hope that it brings some much needed attention to the condition and support for in the mean time. Best wishes to you both.

  2. East Side Professor says:

    Wonderful Article, I don’t think it could have been better!

  3. Bob King says:

    Great article in the paper — well written with lots of information. Your husband sounds so frustrated by this sudden turn of events. I would be too. I’m so sorry to hear about such a terribe thing happening to a good man. Thanks for making us aware, Far.

  4. Abra La Mente says:

    Great article; sure glad you are persistent in getting the message out there about this condition. I hope you will have a great turnout for the support group and that there will be some relief, at some point. Good luck and thanks for sharing.

  5. Profile photo of Kari Lucin Kari Lucin says:

    I didn’t even know there was such a thing until you wrote about it.

    How interesting, and also, how terrible.

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