Happy Birthday Baby Brother!

This morning snow covers the ground..it was bound to happen. I am just thrilled..I feel like an old bear.. I want to eat, and hibernate til spring when I might be in a better mood. The old timers say the first snow, along with the second snow will not stay..but watch out for the third snow..you are stuck with that one.

It is my baby brothers birthday today. Jody is 48 today..he hates snow worse than me..he owns a construction company, rain and snow and frozen ground directly effects his ability to move dirt. So I am guessing..since it is his birthday and all..I should refrain from calling him til this afternoon..maybe some of the snow will have melted by then! He hates my calls that include any of my snow songs.."I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas" sung loudly by his tone deaf sister probably wouldn’t be appreciated on his special day.

I was nine when he was born, my other brother Carey was six. We were so excited! We named him and told all the neighbors and relatives. We forgot to tell our Mother, she was in the hospital and that would have involved a long distance phone call. We were not allowed to make long distance phone calls. You can imagine her reaction when a well meaning neighbor visited her and said "I just love the name you picked for the new baby!" The name we chose for our brother stuck.. Mother graciously agreed it was a pretty good name.

Now where exactly did a nine year old and a six year old, who just got a TV in their home in late 1959 or early 1960 get their brothers name from? A TV show, some cute kid was named Jody..we adored him..as we would adore our new brother. I always thought we got it from the show "A Family Affair" with Jody and Buffy..but that show was not on until 1966. Our Jody would have been six by then..so obviously I was in error. I have searched and searched TV programs that could have possibly had some secondary character named Jody. I am drawing a total blank, so if anyone remembers something from some TV show back then, please leave me a comment.

We watched The Real McCoys with little Luke, Lassie with Timmy and his friend Boomer, and our favorite show of all time Fury…the story of a horse and the boy who loved him..Joey and his friends Pee Wee and Packy. Gosh they just don’t have TV shows like that anymore.

To my brother..sorry I can’t find out exactly where your name originated from..maybe someday I will have that information for you..until then..just smile because you just could have been named Luke, Timmy, Boomer, Pee Wee or Packy..oh and Happy Birthday from your beautiful big sister! :)

Jody 1960

 Update: Thank you bloggers! Michelle was so kind to find a western by the name of "Buckskin" whos main character was a boy named Jody. It fits the time frame and went into reruns. It was just the kind of show we would have enjoyed on NBC. A young boy and his adventures in Buckskin, Montana. It was also brought to my attention by Buffalo Gal that the book and the movie "The Yearling" had a main character named Jody. Both are possibilities..thank you for the help! :)

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4 Responses to Happy Birthday Baby Brother!

  1. buffalogal says:

    Maybe it was Jody from the book THE YEARLING????

    Chance and Jody have close birthdays!

    Chance shares his with my son Ryan.

  2. Kay Syvrud says:

    P.S. your photo today looks pretty tame….we are having blizzard strength winds down here and the wind is driving the snow sideways just like it does in Dec or Jan…ICK!!!! The wooded country would be nice for this reason—-no really noticeable winds there. Lucky You Guys!!!

  3. pyro6999 says:

    we dont need any god damn snow!!

  4. Abra La Mente says:

    Snow…Yuk. We didn’t get any! Yeah!!! I’ll take some around December 20th. though.

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