Monthly Archives: November 2008

Christmas Program At Church : A Memory

A long time ago when I was a small child, we went to a church that had maybe 15 families. The entire month of December we would practice for the "Christmas Program." Every Saturday morning we would be hauled off … Continue reading


Hocus Pocus

I think I might have met a witch, how do you tell for sure? She had no pointy hat, no warts on her nose, she looked normal. Well as normal as me anyway, blonde, and glasses..she wore a shirt with … Continue reading


Thanksgiving Afternoon

We spent the afternoon with our daughter Trica and her family at her in laws home in nearby Park Rapids. Our son in law is the baby in a family of eight. Most all of them were there. It was … Continue reading


Thanksgiving 2008

"Once, when my feet were bare, and I had not the means of obtaining shoes I came to the chief of Kufah in a state of much dejection, and saw there a man who had no feet. I returned thanks … Continue reading


Wistful Wednesday : 1957

March 1957, My Mother, me, I was six years old, and my brother, he was three. My Mother obviously gave us some kind of treat, and we were delighted! She used to sew our clothing, I remember that checked shirt … Continue reading


All About The Stuffing

How do you make your stuffing? Do you dry your own homemade bread for the stuffing? Do you buy it in a bag? Heavens to don’t use the kind in a red box you? Personally I want some … Continue reading


All That Advertising

With every issue of my favorite magazines I get more angry. Since Roy Reiman sold his entire company to Readers Digest in April of 2002, Roy’s promise back in 1970 has been forgotten. His promise was "A good magazine, with … Continue reading


Magic Ice

"Adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience." Ralph Waldo Emerson If the weather holds cold with no snow the lakes will soon be perfect. Maybe the magic ice will arrive. Ice that only comes every ten years or … Continue reading


Modes of Transportation

We live in the "Boonies" sometimes this is very apparent. A neighbor Bob, takes his bike into town, he has a basket on the front of his bike. He uses the basket for groceries, I have seen him with three … Continue reading



Far Guy should really read my blog every day. Sometimes he is left out of my loop. Yesterday after my chain saw comment, he got an email that said "Don’t let Mom near the chain saw." I wonder if he … Continue reading