All About The Stuffing

How do you make your stuffing? Do you dry your own homemade bread for the stuffing? Do you buy it in a bag? Heavens to don’t use the kind in a red box you?

Personally I want some of my Grandmother D’s stuffing. I think hers was the best I have ever tasted. It had apples and raisins. It was moist, never dry, and never cooked to the sides of the roaster. Oh come know the kind I am talking about..the stuffing that was in the oven for too long or the oven was too warm. It coats the inside of the roasting pan in a layer so thick it has to be soaked for a day or two. Then you think..hey I should have spayed that pan with is always too late by the time I remember that too.

Sometime along the way, Far Guy got put in charge of the stuffing. He doesn’t put in any raisins or apples. He cooks up the giblets and uses them in the stuffing. He chops them up really fine, so unless you know they are there, you hardly realize it. All these years he has been sneaking some liver into our diets.

I remember one Thanksgiving, he and Dick (Son in Law) were in charge of dinner. Dick has what I call a highly tuned gag/vomit reflex..he gags very hand into that stuffing mixture and he was a goner. Far Guy thought it was pretty cool, and pushed both of Dick’s hands into the stuffing. Dick came running out of the kitchen calling Far Guy a sick pervert. Far Guy went on to explain that only sissy’s mix stuffing with a spoon. They are not very compatible in a kitchen.

I have had corn bread stuffing when we lived in Florida, it is OK. I have had wild rice stuffing here in Minnesota, it is OK. I have had stuffing in a fancy restaurant, theirs was pathetic. I told them to tell the Chef that the stuffing sucked, but I was glad they used real potatoes instead of the kind out of a box. I like to often temper my negative comments with something positive. No one should ever ask me how was your meal? is everything tasting?..did you enjoy your meal? Far Guy will sometimes request my silence.."Please don’t say anything bad." OR "Could you hold onto your opinion until we are in the car?" I could..but WILL I? Sometimes I am greatly challenged to walk out of some place knowing that I was served inferior food, and when asked for my opinion I bit my tongue so Far Guy could feel more comfortable for the rest of the day. What about me? I swear once we reach the car, he goes into an ignore mode anyway, that meal is behind him and he is just worried about the next one.

Stuffing..everyone has their to share yours?:)

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6 Responses to All About The Stuffing

  1. astrobob says:

    Hi Far, I love reading about stuffing. Thanks for a nice blog. When stuffing’s made well, it’s the best part of a Thanksgiving dinner. I like the giblets cut up small but large enough to know you’re getting some meat there. The juice, the buttery taste, occasional soft crunch of bread cubes — food for the gods.

  2. Ann says:

    My Mom’s with homemade bread and giblets. One of my girlfriend said she even cook with onion for something that tasted that good! Best part of a home cooked meals was when the left over bread piled up. Mom made stuffing with home grown chicken. I married the one man that doesn’t like any stuffing. Was a happy day when my son thought it’s for the Gods. It’s hard making it for one!

  3. Kristin Garaas-Johnson says:

    My mom’s stuffing is the best–and it’s simple: premade stuffing–basically bread crumbs with a few herbs (from a white box) a little onion, some butter and chicken stock.

    However, I’ve been meaning to try the stuffing featured in our November issue of Red River Valley Women Today. Chef Mike Wood from the Blue Moose has a cranberry wild rice stuffing recipe that smells heavenly.

  4. prairiewomn says:

    My Grandpa made the best stuffing ever, bar none. I have no idea what he put in it or how he made it, I just know that when Thanksgiving dinner was over, there was none left.

    As for fancy dining, no thanks. I’ve been disappointed so many times that I don’t even bother anymore. Unlike yourself, I don’t say anything, but, maybe more of us should.

  5. buffalo gal says:

    I use plain bread cubes (bought at a store)and I use A LOT because our family LOVES dressing. I saute a lot of chopped onions and celery pieces in oil and butter on a very low heat. I use sage and poultry seasoning and pepper and sometimes a little onion powder to enhance the fresh onions. I use natural chicken broth and water to moisten it and often cook up a pan of water from the onion and celery saute pan. Sometimes I put whole kernel frozen corn in the dressing too. My brother in law used to make the best dressing and I would give anything to taste it again but he has been dead since 1999. (tears)

  6. buffgal says:

    Here is a very Unique recipe for dressing for big turkeys. 8 cups of bread cubes/ 1 cup of chopped onions/ 1 cup of chopped celery/ 1 TBS of sage and 1 TBS poultry seasoning./ Chicken broth (enough to moisten the dressing) (about 1 qt.) 1/2 cube melted butter/ 1 cup Orville Redenbacher unpopped popcorn.
    Method. Mix all ingredients in a very large bowl or pan. Stuff the turkey. Roast uncovered at 350 degrees to start and reduce to 325 degrees for last hour. When popcorn pops and blows the A – – out of the turkey, the oven door will spring open and the turkey will shoot across the floor. Then you know that the bird is done.

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