Thanksgiving 2008

"Once, when my feet were bare, and I had not the means of obtaining shoes I came to the chief of Kufah in a state of much dejection, and saw there a man who had no feet. I returned thanks to God and acknowledged his mercies, and endured my want of shoes with patience." ~ Sadi

I have many blessings in my life, all of which I am extremely thankful for.

I am not in a real bad mood yet, something I am sure other’s will be thankful for:)

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6 Responses to Thanksgiving 2008

  1. buffgal says:

    We poor “Cooks” on the holidays usually have a reason for getting crabby later in the day!It is hard work to put on a big feast! (for many days before even) I get crabby (even when I feel guilty about it)

    I have two birds in the oven—one roasting chicken for the few who like dark meat and a pretty nice fat turkey breast. Also got the dressing ready and the potatoes peeled. Now I am having a cup of coffee and reading today’s paper!
    Beautiful pictures of grandkids!!!!

  2. buffalo gal says:

    I left two dressing recipes on your dressing blog—be sure you read the last one!!!!

  3. pyro says:

    in preschool the teacher asked one of my boys what he was thankfull for he looked at her and said “chance”

  4. astrobob says:

    Just finished our dinner, Far. My wife cooked and I did the cleanup. It was all delicious and after the cleanup, I’ve burned up enough calories to almost be hungry again.
    I wanted to say how much I enjoy your blog. You’re opinionated, warm-hearted, genuine and very close to your family, and it all comes through in a conversational style that makes you fun to read. Thanks for putting so much effort into your work. We readers are grateful for it.

  5. Peace Garden Mama says:

    I love the quote. Puts everything in perspective quite vividly. Thanks for sharing…

  6. dahlenje says:

    I told you it wouldn’t be long before you matted all of the photos on that page!

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