Hocus Pocus

I think I might have met a witch, how do you tell for sure? She had no pointy hat, no warts on her nose, she looked normal. Well as normal as me anyway, blonde, and glasses..she wore a shirt with a peace sign on it. Should that have raised a red flag?

She talked about, bad energy and good energy. With pain being bad energy. She was the speaker at the Trigeminal Neuralgia Support Group meeting last Tuesday night. She recommended one of her "mixtures" as a miracle cure. I asked her what was in her mixture..she could not tell me. I have a list of hundreds of medications and supplements that Far Guy cannot take. If I call her, she can tell me exactly whats in it..yet she could not name even one ingredient. Well I am not a great one to ask for a recipe either..but I do know the basics for most recipes I concoct. Sugar, cocoa and milk equals hot cocoa! A hotdish would have meat, pasta, potatoes, or rice and a vegetable with some kind of sauce. A few recipes does not make me a Chef..only a cook.

She recommended that we come in for the Ionic Foot Baths, to rid our bodies of heavy metals. When all the metals were gone, she would give us a special potion to give us back the metals we need. She recommended that everyone go to a special Dentist and have all the fillings removed from our teeth.

She recommended touch point acupuncture, she demonstrated this on a likely victim. She had a shiny silver tool, that kind of looked like a tire gauge, she rubbed it along the lady’s finger and went into a trance. By "trance " I mean..special words that obviously must accompany the procedure for it to work. She finally found what she was looking for in the lady’s finger, a spot of extreme pain and tapped it with a sharp point at the other end of her fancy tool. Then she took out a little band-aid type thing with a metal point on it and put it precisely on that spot. She kept asking the lady where else she hurt besides her head, well if you ask an elderly woman enough times where else she hurts ..eventually she will come up with another complaint. Well wouldn’t you know..that one was addressed also.
She said our bodies are all out of whack. That our bodies should be a perfect PH of 7. That we are most likely too acidic. We would benefit from full body massages also, well here is my take on that sort of pampering. 

Well about this time, I am thinking..someone is way out of whack..and it ain’t me. I do not know what other types of services are available at her place of business..I do not know if she is part of the new age movement. or if she is a witch. What do you think? I have met many weirdos in my life, but never one like this before:)

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6 Responses to Hocus Pocus

  1. Kay Syvrud says:

    The vast mix of “recommendations” by this Strange Woman sounds like a big load of promises that would cost a big bundle of money. I have 2 large books that I refer to often for help with relatively minor health problems and they have helped me a lot…both are from Doctor who practice a more alternative form of healthcare; one is called NUTRITIONAL HEALING by Dr Robert and Phyllis Balch (she is a Nutrition Specialist; he went to Harvard Med School so I trust his judgement when it comes to using supplements and vitamins and minerals. The other book I bought recently is by Deepak Chopra, a rather well known Indian doctor who practices alternative healthcare plus Ayurvedic medicince. His advice is sensible also and no so far-out and Kooky-sounding. It is called ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE; I know that both of these are available at Barnes and Noble. But the advice of the Witch Lady sounds too good and too easy to be believable. I will look in my two books to see if there are any references to Farguy’s condition. In the meantime he probably wants to stick to his MD regimen.

  2. abra la mente says:

    Sounds like a quack…lots of people will fall for this, though, untile the next late, great, thing. If its something you can try athome with minimal expense, I might try natural cures, but I hesitate to lay out money for the goofy stuff. I googled ionic foot baths and found this article…I think you will enjoy!


  3. Far Side of Fifty says:

    Thanks for the article Abra, a very interesting read!
    BGal, Yes I too think that the MD is the best. Unfortunately our Neurologist in Fargo does not return phone calls promptly, I am waiting three weeks on the last one. :(

  4. PrairieWoman says:

    Well, Far Side, from personal experience it sounds to me like you may have met a Reiki Master. If I knew where approximately in the vast geographical area we are in I could probably tell you for certain. Or even the name of the shop would be helpful. There’s one here in Fargo that is relatively new and located in the same exact location as another store that used to be there. Different women, but the same business.

  5. Far Side of Fifty says:

    Thanks for your comments! Here is their website
    Way to far out for me:)

  6. PrairieWoman says:

    Your initial assumption about these ladies is correct. It’s all well disguised as to appear to be something it is not at the core. I’m not going to judge them as to whether what they are doing is right or wrong, but, I will say people should proceed with caution before venturing down that path. Know exactly who and what you are dealing with before getting involved. I also did not see on this particular site where any of them were licensed to provide counseling services. Regardless of religion you still have to be licensed by the state.

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