Okay..Some Of My Readers Have Spoken!

Thank you readers for the comments. I did not get any negative feedback, so I guess I will continue to blog, as long as my readers comment occasionally! If my "funnies" make you laugh out loud, and you get to live seven minutes longer, I feel kind of obligated! One reader said I was like "chocolate for her mind" ..we used to live next door to each other. I did have one astonishing request for a long term commitment "Ten years" was her suggestion. I am sure she is just momentarily deranged by the lack of sunlight in Sweden. I do thank you all for the encouragement!

This flu really sucks, I have no appetite..for me this is really strange. What is even stranger..one time when I surfaced from my fever induced delirium I could smell pizza from Pizza Hut. I swear it was the aroma of a thin crust, pepperoni with extra cheese with just a hint of the warm cardboard box. I decided it was just a revenge delirium, I wanted Far Guy to be as miserable as me. He is allergic to some ingredient (more than likely meat tenderizer)that Pizza Hut uses, it gives him the Hershey squirts for days. I have come to my senses..for now..he brings me jello, chicken soup and popsicles.

Far Guy is taking a daily dose of Extra Virgin Olive Oil to boost his immune system. I do not know how he swallows it, and keeps it down, but he does. It just might be working too..as he is not sick yet! This idea comes from a fellow blogger and friend Buffalo Gal! Thanks B Gal!

I hate all the over the counter cold and flu medications that just mask your symptoms and bust up your normal bodies rhythms, which makes you sicker longer. Did I get a Flu shot..NO..It seems I have been the most miserable those years. The last time I got a Flu shot, I got the Flu so bad I told Far Guy to just drop me off at the Funeral Home..just in the driveway so they could roll me in when they came to work the next morning. It seemed practical to me at the time, it would have saved a body pick up fee.

I am feeling better, today I am going to venture outdoors and take some photos, throw the Frisbee for Chance and document the snow before the next snowstorm comes on in tonight. The snow fall record for the month of December will be broken with the snow they predict for tonight:)

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6 Responses to Okay..Some Of My Readers Have Spoken!

  1. Abra La Mente says:

    Glad to hear you are feeling a little better. That flu can be nasty stuff. I did get my flu shot this year…it was free, at work. Hard to say know. Here’s hoping it helps.

    I’m super excited that you will continue to blog! I may not comment on every single topic, but I don’t think I’ve missed reading any. There are days when I just can’t make an intelligent remark…and those unintelligent remarks seem to never be forgotten!

  2. Abra La Mente says:

    I should really proof read! The word know in the first paragraph shb no. See! Some days it’s better to not answer if I can’t think straight.

  3. Roxie Bowers says:

    See, I really do read your blog and love it. Do keep it up. So sorry you got the flu for Christmas. Not at all fair. Be well and get packing soon.

  4. PrairieWoman says:

    Good to know that you will be adding 2555 minutes to my life over the next year. :)

  5. buffalo gal says:

    Whre I have I been—I did not know you had the flu…..so sorry to hear it because it is miserable. I am with you on flu shots—I got horribly sick the last time I had a flu shot so I never take them but rely on keeping my immune system strong. Glad to hear that FarGuy is doing the olive oil thing…BG has not been sick for years after taking olive oil in the mornings.
    Glad you are feeling like going out with Chance again.

  6. homd says:

    Bleah! Olive oil? I’ll keep eating a daily orange. Besides, I think I’ve already had my yearly dose of the flu.

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