The New Year

I kinda like the New Year’s Holiday. I don’t have to shop, clean, cook or act perfect. I am not required to be anywhere or do anything. I can just be me, it is rather freeing. This morning as I thought of it, I felt like a Meryl Streep follower in the movie Mama Mia..yup that would be me a Dancing Queen!

Perhaps that is the approach I should take for the entire year of 2009. Forget making resolutions, what do they do for you anyway, other than a wonderful feeling if you do accomplish them. What if you are an underachiever this year, then you have to carry the quilt of not meeting or even addressing your stupid resolutions. What if you are so busy taking care of other people in your life, that you don’t accomplish a darn thing.

How about some one word intentions ..Like mine! Laugh, Smile, Hug, and Dance. Easy to remember, easy to do, I can have that accomplished a few seconds after midnight, and be free the rest of the year. Easy..peasy!
2008 in Review
The children are all employed, and reasonably healthy. Trica our oldest daughter still struggles with Pancreatitis.
We still struggle with Doctors and Far Guys Trigeminal Neuralgia.
No new Grand-babies..No divorces..a few deaths (two cousins and a very dear friend)
No new pets, and no pet deaths.
Biggest Adjustment..Far Guy’s Trigeminal Neuralgia and how it affects our day to day life.
Biggest Change..Closing the Greenhouse business, a very wise decision. I miss it, but I am getting over it.
Biggest Frustration.. Doctors that don’t know their butt from a hole in the ground, and the phone ringing.
Happiest Moment..a very nostalgic Ferris Wheel Ride last August with Far Guy. Playing a little "kissy face" stopped at the top! :)
My New Motto For 2009 : One day at a time ..with a little dancing! :)


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3 Responses to The New Year

  1. susan says:

    I’ve been in the one day at a time for a few years, start my morning with music, streching dance, this coming year I think I’ll add something to that. I know what you mean I feel that any day is a blessing when it ends with friends and family safe and the world hasn’t gone and blown it self up. Make life simple, enjoy the beauty in it, and laugh as much as you can is my motto for 2009. Glad you are feeling better, I can tell by your writing, it seems to have a smile in it.

  2. rrvwt says:

    I couldn’t help but notice that last year, you resolved to continue this blog. I think you did pretty well! :)

    You have quite a few followers!

  3. Kay Syvrud says:

    You put your finger on it when you talk about New Year’s being a low-stress holiday. It IS! I love idling away the old year on Dec 31 by lying around enjoying the news or the coverage of NewYear in New York et al. I plan to watch Anderson Cooper and that goofy Kathy Griffin whom I saw interviewed on Larry King tonight. She is hilarious and takes the wind right out of A.C.’s sails…something he needs badly I think. He winds up blushing and trying to loosen his collar!
    Still have the 2 Grands from S Cloud here due to inclement weather today. Maybe we will wait til New Year’s morning and meet the parents for breakfast in Alex—- weather permitting.

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