Wistful Wednesday: Two Sisters Get Married

On December 25, 1913 Far Guys Grandparents were married in Iowa. They were headed for Minnesota. The brides entire family was going. Her parents and her siblings. Land prices in Iowa were very high. The gumbo soil was hard to farm anyway. The price of farm land was much lower in Minnesota. They sold what they could, and then loaded what animals, equipment and household possessions were left on a boxcar for the trip North. The women and children rode in the passenger section of the train. They arrived in Park Rapids, Minnesota in the winter of 1914.

 Far Guy’s Grandpa H. was disappointed when he looked at the farm land that he had purchased. It was nothing but Jack Pines and sand. He rented a different farm for two years until finally trading off his parcel of Jack Pines for some land he could actually farm. Of course he had to pay extra to make the trade. They bought good land this time, and spent the rest of their lives on the farm. It is still in the family and still known as "The Farm" Far Guy’s Uncle owns it and it is just four miles down the road from us..or two miles as the crow flies. What this young couple liked most about Minnesota was the trees.

On January, 01 1914 Far Guys Great Uncle and Great Aunt were married. When they got to Minnesota, Great Aunt Emma said " There were no roads, only trails winding through the woods and the wolves howled every night."

I love Great Aunt Emmas head piece. She was always a colorful woman..she probably designed it herself.

Far Guy and I had always wondered why the move from Iowa to Minnesota, two relatives were kind enough to answer our questions. So that we could put more of the puzzle pieces together. It must have been some adventure:)

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5 Responses to Wistful Wednesday: Two Sisters Get Married

  1. homd says:

    I always wondered why people in old pictures never smiled. “Was life so grim back then?” Then I was told that photographers never told people to smile because it was difficult to hold it that long — long enough to get a picture that was in focus. Exposure times were much longer with those old cameras.

  2. Kay Syvrud says:

    I always enjoy your historic family photos on
    Wednesdays. I hope you are relzing and enjoying a nice New Year’s Eve with FarGuy and Chance. I almost bought you something today but then thought you would like to choose your own “car candy”…it was a big paw print with a heart on it that said “I Love My Border Collie”…I saw it at the Alex. Fleet Farm store! It looked like it attached to a car windwow. Anyway it was a nice thought but I know people like to choose their own stuff like that!!!!

  3. Kay Syvrud says:

    “relzing”???? I mean “relaxing” My fat fingers were flying too fast!!!

  4. PrairieWoman says:

    Happy New Year to you too Far Side. Thank you for the last year of laughs and enjoyment. You’ve been a real spot of sunshine in an otherwise dismal existence.

  5. abra la mente says:

    I hope you continue the Wistful Wednesdays throughout the year. I love the look back and I always learn something.

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