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Saturday Thoughts

Mail Man 1, Far Side 1    Yup, I got him, as I ran with breakneck speed toward the phone yesterday morning..and hollered "DELIVER IT" then this over paid package toting government worker said "Will you be home at mail time?" … Continue reading


Women’s Groups

The Tuesday Morning Coffee group used to meet at the local pub for coffee. Then the Pub closed, I have no idea if they are meeting someplace else or not. The only requirement for their group is that you are … Continue reading


What I Watch

Jack is back! 24 is one of my favorite shows. I love the intensity of the show, Jack goes from one intense situation to another. I also like that there is a woman who plays the part of the President. … Continue reading


Wistful Wednesday : 1953

This photo was taken in 1953. The girls are eight years old. The girl on the left is Far Guys sister, the girl on the right is his cousin Rosalie. I am not sure if these little girls had been … Continue reading



Eight babies, a set of Octuplets born in California. I cannot even begin to imagine how scared these parents must be, some of the babies are pretty tiny. How do you prepare yourself to be parents of eight all at … Continue reading



The letter came in the mail. It was official looking. It was during the summer of 1972. Far Guys Mom began to cry. Drafted, it really sucked to have a low number. So Far Guy enlisted in the Air Force. … Continue reading


Feeling Better

I am finally feeling a bit better, not like a spring chicken yet, but better. I had a very quiet week, with daily naps, or maybe they were daily sleeps as they lasted for four or five hours. What can … Continue reading


Border Collie Stance

It amazes me how Chance herds the ball. All the trees have huge snowbanks around them so he runs off and does his pose, and waits for you to throw the ball. He is so intent on the ball that … Continue reading

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Guyles Lake

"Wilderness is a resource which can shrink but not grow. Invasions can be arrested or modified in a manner to keep an area usable for recreation, or for science, or for wildlife, but the creation of new wilderness in the … Continue reading

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The Tower

The Smoky Hills, most days they look hazy and smoky. Then you get closer to them and they lose their hazy,  smoky look. I grew up near this fire tower, during the spring and fall it was manned by a … Continue reading