Feeling Better

I am finally feeling a bit better, not like a spring chicken yet, but better. I had a very quiet week, with daily naps, or maybe they were daily sleeps as they lasted for four or five hours. What can I say, I am a good napper. I am still struggling with being adequately hydrated and eating. I am just not hungry, I usually waver between nausea and being full of water. Sometimes I force myself to eat, and lets just say that it ends up in the puke bucket. I have become a good puker..I was never one before.

Far Guy says I am wasting away…I seriously doubt that..if I have to go shopping for all new clothes I will become concerned.

The final diagnosis is Pneumonia, my Whooping Cough test came back negative. What ever it was it knocked me on my butt, and will take sometime to get over. I am still going to take it easy for a few more days.

I am looking forward to going to the grocery store this week…I have not seen anyone but Far Guy and Chance for the past ten days. They did take me for a drive one day, but we didn’t see anyone. I did not want to expose anyone to this crud. We are back down in the deep freeze again, it was 18 below zero again last night. You would think it would be too cold for germs to survive.

Far Guy has disinfected much of the house, he even steamed cleaned some of the tile! I found out that he can run this household fairly well without my input.. or maybe despite my input. He has not ventured toward the laundry, except to carry clothes away for me..I am still the only person in charge of laundry:)

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5 Responses to Feeling Better

  1. roxieb says:

    Very glad to read you are feeling semi-human again! We both had pneumonia a couple years ago and it took weeks to get back to normal. You seem to be recooping at a much faster clip. Keep it up!! We will be seeing Jan and Ron tomarrow…looking forward to it.

  2. susan says:

    Keep up your strength and don’t overdo it, don’t be surprised at how weak your body is, if you can keep down a powerade/gatorade drink down try to have one or two a day to build back your electrolytes?? back up. Maybe it wouldn’t hurt to buy a couple of those ENSURE beverages to drink also. I am so happy that you didn’t have whooping cough, and am also glad I had my pneumonia/+tetanaus shot although I got very ill from them. Puking doesn’t sound good but look at the bright side we at least know your not PG, right..we do know that right..

  3. buffalogal says:

    I have often wondered how things would go here if I got really sick. Hopefully I would find out like you that our husbands can handle more than we think they can. I am so glad to hear that you are feeling better each day…pneumonia is a tough one to battle. I have often wondered how foreigners can learn English when we have words like “pneumonia”!!!!!! Learning phonics does not help much on that word!!!

  4. PrairieWoman says:

    So glad you are getting better. Awesome!

  5. billybones says:

    Sauna again
    drink lots of liquids….
    sauna again….

    oh hell, i don’t know if it works…i don’t even have a sauna…it’s the biggest thing i miss from home, but my grandpa swore by it, and he lived well into his golden years

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