What I Watch

Jack is back! 24 is one of my favorite shows. I love the intensity of the show, Jack goes from one intense situation to another. I also like that there is a woman who plays the part of the President.

Idol, what can I say. It is funny, some of those people can’t carry a tune to save their lives, yet they think that they are the next American Idol. I have a few early favorites, Scott the blind guy, and Stevie the gal that belted out "At Last." The show will be more interesting when they get to Hollywood.

There is a new cooking show called Chopped, the Chefs get ingredients in a basket and must make a dish. Octopus and Bok Choy..neither of which have ever passed into my shopping cart. If I told Far Guy I was cooking him Octopus for supper I am sure he would die laughing. I would probably have to drive to a really big city just to purchase an Octopus to cook. I have never seen one at our local grocery store.

Adam Gertler has a new show, Will Work For Food, he tried his hand a Flair Bar tending and retrieving Geo Ducks (Gooey Ducks). I have never eaten Gooey Duck, can anyone out there share what it really tastes like?

Ace of Cakes, although I would never be able to afford one of his creations I find Chef Duff and his group of friends a hoot. I think there may be just a hint of a romance between Mary Alice and Chef Duff.

I watch Top Chef and I especially like Fabio. I just love his accent, and he cooked a steak one night that looked wonderful!

I also like Iron Chef and all the Ultimate Cooking Showdowns and throwdowns, challenges and dinner impossibles.

Trinny and Susannah from BBC have shown up on TLC, they are making over American women. I have not caught the name of their new show, but they can make me over anytime.

Dave Mordal former Last Comic Standing contestant from Minnesota, has a new show on Discovery called Wreckreation Nation. This week they had souped up Lawn Mower races and he went to an Alligator Catching School where a lady got bit by a gator in the face. Far Guy and I watch many of the shows on Discovery with Dirty Jobs being our favorite.

Now I just need some Hells Kitchen (tonight on FOX) , Survivor ( Feb 12) and Amazing Race (Feb 15) episodes to make it through the winter. Yes, I know I am a reality television junkie:)

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4 Responses to What I Watch

  1. pyro says:

    iron chef gets a thumbs up from me! i cannot stand duff’s laugh though! annoying! but he makes some awesome stuff.
    if you like to stay up until 10:30-11:00 watch chelsea lately on E! the first 15 minutes of the show is hilarious.

  2. CW says:

    At last, someone else who appreciates Mike Rowe. I have been a fan of Dirty Jobs since it aired. Especially the tub scene!!

  3. roxane s. says:

    I am really out of it in terms of tv these days, so all of this is foreign to me. I never thought I’d say that. I was raised with a TV blaring in the room next to my bedroom (my father was hard-of-hearing). Perhaps that’s why I’ve taken a TV hiatus. Glad there are a few things on there to enjoy.

  4. abra la mente says:

    Not much tv for me, either, although it would be fun to soak up some HGTV, TLC, History Channel, etc. We haven’t had cable in a number of years, so we are pretty limited to what we get to choose…usually the news & the Tonight Show for me.

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