Women’s Groups

The Tuesday Morning Coffee group used to meet at the local pub for coffee. Then the Pub closed, I have no idea if they are meeting someplace else or not. The only requirement for their group is that you are female and drink coffee. I suppose I could go and drink some tea. I think they just get together to gossip. I have no deep need to join this group.

The Garden Club, they meet only during the spring and the summer. They are an interesting group of women, I used to give Garden Talks to them. When they started calling me to find out what was wrong with the plants that they purchased at Pamida ( Probably frozen) or Wal mart ( Lord only knows) I got just a little snippy with the group. It didn’t help the situation that their phone calls always came when I was busy with my own customers, or at eight o’clock at night when I was trying to cook some supper. The straw that broke the camels back with this group, that was already on my last good nerve came when they brought me two huge mossy baskets. They came from a competitor and if taken back there would have cost them about 150.00 each to fill. They explained that they had limited funds, and were seeking my help. They wanted it to look beautiful, but they did not want to water it everyday. If you have ever worked with these beautiful mossy baskets you know that once a day watering is just enough to keep them alive, twice a day and they may look great, a drip tube supplying an endless supply of water keeps them looking wonderful. There is no way I can tolerate this group on a monthly basis..they would drive me nuts.

I don’t go to Ladies Aid, those women always wear aprons and know how to cook. I would be hard pressed to find an apron in this house, I am sure I must have one someplace? I have no idea where to look nor can I remember the last time I wore an apron.

There are quilting groups, they all get their material from the quilt shop, they have workshops and are very creative. They put together some beautiful quilts. I guess I could join this group, but I do not like to sew. I like to look at their creations, I have some quilts that I did years ago and they are still just quilt tops, not true quilts.

So exactly what groups should I be involved in.. one that doesn’t gossip, complain, cook or sew. What kinds of women’s group would that be? Do you belong to any groups?


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  1. Abra La Mente says:

    In my last couple years I’ve been way too busy to really think of regular groups, but like you, I don’t drink coffee & I might find the gossip a little hard to adjust to. I have no green thumb, so gardening won’t make it. I only dabble in various handicrafts, so I doubt I would be too enthused to join any group focused on a particular craft. A book club might be okay, but my interests there are just too eclectic. I love writing, but would be timid about thinking I was a worthy enough writer to join a club. I have considered joining a genealogy club, though I think it would be more interesting in my home county, making it a drive every month.

    I meet with lots of groups & committees as part of my work, so perhaps seeking out personal groups isn’t a top priority. I also think I am just too dang unpredictable to commit too something “regular.” Random get togethers are more likely for me–someday we will need to have a bloggers get together, I think. 😉

  2. Kari says:

    My mom doesn’t really sew either (though her repair skills rock!) but she still hangs out with the quilting group at church sometimes.

    She contributes by tying those little yarn ties on the quilt.

  3. buffalogal says:

    We think alike FarSide—I used to belong to a “study club” then it became a non-study club and I dropped out…same thing with Homemakers I belonged to long ago….I hated the crafty things and never finished any of them..I had a closet full of macaroni art til I threw it all out.
    I could belong to a GOOD book club but my tastes in reading are pretty much my kind of book so I probably would not do well in one either.
    I like going to Silver Sneakers to excercised and I enjoy the women at the swimming pool also but other than that I see some friends who are old and good friends, occasionally( two breakfast groups per month) and that is enough for me. Coffee Klatches, gossip, Ladies Aid— all are not for me…there is a coffee group here too that meets each weekday and from what I can tell if I have been in the same cafe as them, they just gossip and talk about petty things that would drive me NUTS!!!

  4. dumbo says:

    Have you given any thought to possum lodge?

  5. farguy says:

    Ya just got to love that Dumbo!

  6. PrairieWoman says:

    I think many of the women today are just so busy trying to do it all that it is nearly impossible to get up enough energy to go to yet another meeting.

    I have such various tastes in things that finding one that fits me would be very difficult.

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