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I like pork.   Just not the political "pork." This week I read only some of the projects that were added along in the stimulus package. I became sick to my stomach. Crooks helping other crooks. Drag them into the streets … Continue reading

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A Masked Man

Don’t get too is just Far Guy in his winter face mask. I searched everywhere for a face mask for him. I finally found one at a place called The Duluth Trading Company. The mask had to be large … Continue reading


He Left Us

He is leaving us…. He left… I can’t believe you told him to leave me at home…. Who is gonna watch him?  You know it is my job to keep an eye on him… I am SAD… very sad.. you … Continue reading


Wistful Wednesday: CCC Camp 1936

The Civilian Conservation Corps was part of the New Deal proposed by President Franklin D. Roosevelt. It was a public relief program for unemployed men after the Great Depression. The CCC workers worked on natural resource conservation from 1933 to … Continue reading


Hero In A White Hat

Far Guy has a collection, it began very innocently when he was just a boy. A gift of two cap pistols and a holster. When everyone else was singing the praises of Roy Rogers and Dale Evans and The Lone … Continue reading


Just A Dream

I had a nightmare, good thing it was just a dream. It is very cold, the sky is bright blue, the cornfield partially harvested, snow has covered the ground. The ground is hard and frozen under my feet. Our group … Continue reading


When does Spring begin?

OK I have a question..When do you declare that SPRING is officially here? When is Spring.. SPRUNG? When do you officially throw in your snow-boots and shovels for crocs and lawn chairs? When do you say Arrivederci, Auf Wiedersehen, Au … Continue reading


Carpet Color

Yesterday the carpet installer came to measure, after he was finished Far Guy and I went and ordered the carpeting. It will not be here until the end of March..naturally I picked a color that the warehouse in Georgia did … Continue reading



Have you ever wondered how it was to ride in a wagon on a buckboard seat? I admired a buckboard seat in an Antique shop one day, decided that I needed it, when I went back to make the purchase … Continue reading


I Need A Decorator

Today I would be happy if an interior decorator dropped from the sky and paid me a visit. Carpet colors, that is my decorating challenge for today. I have been putting off this flooring project for long enough..years in fact. … Continue reading