When does Spring begin?

OK I have a question..When do you declare that SPRING is officially here? When is Spring.. SPRUNG?
When do you officially throw in your snow-boots and shovels for crocs and lawn chairs? When do you say Arrivederci, Auf Wiedersehen, Au revoir to winter, hello spring, you beautiful thing .. so long winter, see you soon enough you old cold bugger .. ?

Is the first day of Spring on the calendar, your day..well just because the Sun starts to move north again doesn’t mean a hill of beans here in Minnesota. The Calendar lies. We can’t plant a garden safely here in Minnesota until Memorial Day weekend. Should that be the new Spring?

Dicentra spectabilis ‘Alba’………White Bleeding Heart

I say good bye Winter when I see my first Robin.. I am usually the last person to see one. My sister in law always sees them before me, I never get to call her and say "I saw a Robin..before you.. HA!" She is always first, sometimes I don’t even begin to look until after her annual phone call. Just one time I would like to be FIRST, I swear she sits on her deck with her binoculars in one hand and her phone in the other ready to call me with the first Robin news. I guess it is okay, she is younger than me and I need more naps, but we live in the same woods..she must be baiting those Robins:)


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4 Responses to When does Spring begin?

  1. farguy says:

    I declare spring when I find the first wood tick and swat my first mosquito.

  2. Judy says:

    Spring around here involves the first green shoots emerging from the ground. It could be a tulip “sprout”, chive leaves, tiny iris leaves, or a viola growing in a sheltered nook. Haven’t seen any of the above yet this year!! They must be hiding out with Punxatawney Phil.

  3. Abra La Mente says:

    I start to think spring around the end of March, because even if some greens have sprouted before then, we almost inevitable get a big dumping of snow at the end of March. It couldn’t come soon enough this year!

  4. Dumbo says:

    Spring has sprung when I no longer need the ear flaps (usually around the 4th of July.

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