Just A Dream

I had a nightmare, good thing it was just a dream.

It is very cold, the sky is bright blue, the cornfield partially harvested, snow has covered the ground. The ground is hard and frozen under my feet. Our group is only one of thousands in the field, grandparents with their grandchildren. Some couples only have one or two grandchildren with them, we have five. Our five are all dressed in warm winter clothing, smiling faces, cheeks rosy red, their breath escaping from their mouths like little engines.

We see the specks in the sky, and the sound is deafening. The high whine of the engines belongs to an aircraft I have never seen before. The specks grow larger and larger..they are huge boats…boats in the sky with headlights and turn signals. Big red boats with strange Chinese symbols. They are landing in the cornfield. I ask Far Guy, "Where is the Air Force?’ I ask him once more this time screaming "Where is the Fricking Air Force?" He just shakes his head. I tell the children to run, and run we do, as fast as we can towards the woods. I look back once and what I see causes me to run faster. There are hundreds of Chinese on every boat all with machetes, massacring grandparents and grandchildren. The snow in the field is turning bright red. I encourage everyone to run faster, run faster..don’t stop running..don’t look back..

I awaken, exhausted, relieved it was only a bad dream, and hope it is not a recurring one. This is one of the most far out dreams I have had in a long time. No wonder some days I really need a nap.  I am sure this dream/nightmare is due in part to my over active imagination, but part of it is due to the staggering amount of money that we owe the Chinese. I must be worried how this is going to effect future generations. How will they ever survive? :(

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5 Responses to Just A Dream

  1. dahlenje says:

    Where were the children’s parents?

  2. Kari says:


    That was scary even to read about…

  3. susan says:

    That was difinitely scary, glad you could run fast. and why were the woods safeand what did they represent, I will have to think on it. Certainly couldn’t be social security! I am starting to think China should become our 51st state.

  4. Abra La Mente says:

    Wow! That’s intense! I never remember dreams with that much detail…thankfully! How do you concentarte after dreaming like that?

  5. Abra La Mente says:

    concentarte shb concentrate

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