Hero In A White Hat

Far Guy has a collection, it began very innocently when he was just a boy. A gift of two cap pistols and a holster. When everyone else was singing the praises of Roy Rogers and Dale Evans and The Lone Ranger and Tonto..Far Guy was admiring Gene Autry. The cowboy who could sing, shoot and ride a horse all at the same time.

Piece by piece the collection grew. One Saturday we were at an Auction Sale in North Dakota. I was there for a Gene Autry pIn, it would be a good addition to the collection. It was just a simple pin with green, purple and yellow ribbons..the pin itself is yellow with a likeness of the cowboy and his name. It was a fairly long auction sale, it was getting late and we had been there for about six hours when the pin finally came up for sale. I bid on it, and then I bid again.. Far Guy said "How much are you going to spend on the darn thing?" I replied "Whatever it takes." We went home with one more thing to add to the collection!

Some of the items were easy to find, the song books came from Antique Shops, the photographs from flea markets. The puzzle I found at a garage sale. The humdinger of a watch, was a limited release one year..so it was a Christmas gift from none other than me, his adoring wife.

Far Guy built the display case. It now has the coveted spot to the right of the fireplace. When I suggested that spot, Far Guy just looked at me and said "Really? I can have the whole wall?" Well it seems to me if you have a nice collection, you should be able to look at it once in awhile. After all you live in this house too!

The cowboy boot ad that hangs below the collection..really needs to be matted..it will look better. I am going to put it on his Honey Do list! The "honey do" list is growing by the day, it has been an irritant to Far Guy lately, I keep adding, he keeps crossing things off..he hates that list:)


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5 Responses to Hero In A White Hat

  1. farguy says:

    You should take a close up of the Gene Autry marble and post it. Dang, looking at the photo, I’m reminded I need to get the 45 RPM of Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer in there. Put that on my honey do list.

  2. buffalogal says:

    I shouldn’t even tell you this but I will anyway. When Jerry was about 13 years old and the old Mandan Rodeo was the biggest deal in all of North Dakota, Gene Autrey was the featured Rodeo guest that year and led the big parade down Main Street. But he was quite inebriated (probably had to be to come to small towns in ND for a rodeo) and very nearly fell off his horse (Champion) as the parade proceeded down the street! Jerry never felt the same about Gene Autrey again. I LOVED Gene’s movies and his singing! I could not make up my mind which one I hoped to marry when I grew up..Gene or Roy Rogers!!!!!
    Hopalong Cassidy seemed to old and he didn’t sing!!!

  3. mumba@unitelc.com says:

    I remember all those old westerns…..I went to the movies a lot. We lived in town and 4+ blocks from the theater….I must have looked real cute galloping home on my horse after the movie! This afternoon, out of boredom, I went back and read the guestbook attached to Gene’s caringbridge page….don’t remember reading about the egg, liverworst,relish and ketchup sandwiches….Gene doesn’t remember eating them…and I knew there was a reason I don’t let him in the kitchen!!!
    Charlene and Gene B

  4. dahlenje says:

    I wonder how much money I will make on this collection? Do I have to split it with my sister?

  5. abra la mente says:

    Farside: That is a very nicely displayed collection!

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