He Left Us

He is leaving us…. He left… I can’t believe you told him to leave me at home…. Who is gonna watch him?  You know it is my job to keep an eye on him…

I am SAD… very sad.. you should be sad too. We are missing out big time… the Library parking lot might have had lots of dogs to bark at. You could have gone shopping.. you could have had fun.. Why did you say " NO, I am staying home today?" Then to include me in your at home plans.. It is just NOT fair.

I am just mad.. so mad .. I am not even going to look at you. Serves you right..

It’s about time you came to your senses. I can smell which way he went…

I can track him, yup the car is GONE.  He is gone in the car..all by himself .. without me..

I am hot on his trail. If you run really fast with me we can catch up in a couple of miles. Get a move on!

WHAT?? We have to stay in the yard today.. we really have to stay at home? DARN

OKAY, I will wait here, still as a statue. Watching for him to come home. I hope he doesn’t get lost. If he gets lost, it will be all YOUR fault.

You go inside, no sense in both of us waiting in this snowbank. I will be right here…waiting all alone… :)

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5 Responses to He Left Us

  1. Abra La Mente says:

    Aaahh, Chance, you are such a loyal friend!

  2. Kay Syvrud says:

    Oh Precious, Loyal, Loving Chance! I love his blogs and I feel so sorry that he had to stay home today and did not get to go along and push the back seat window gadget to open up the windows so he could bark at the other people and dogs he spots. FarSide, you should be feeling so sorry for “Him”—the keeper of the people and the driveway and the yard and the house!!!!

    You have sunshine? We are having an icky snowy stormy day…or is this Pic from yesterday????

  3. Far Side of Fifty says:

    yes I took these on Wednesday when it was a reasonably nice day:)

  4. buffalogal says:

    You have a childrens’ book half done with all your pictures of Chance and his comments,to boot!

  5. GreenFlag says:

    Love your dog we have a English Shepard,similar to your border collie,at least I think it is a collie, that we really enjoy. She is by far the smartest dog we have ever had.She is so good with our grandkids.Recently leraned her home is now a puppy mill felt so sorry for her relatives we have had her for 4 years I think the breeder then was OK

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