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A Smile

I have been working on getting all of my photos loaded back into my computer. Finally they are there..where they belong..well not exactly how they were before..but getting there. Some of them make me smile. Today as March goes out … Continue reading

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I Heard It On The Radio

Far Guy and I learned in 1997 that connections are what keep you going during a flood. Our connection to the outside world was email, phone and the radio. We listened to KFGO out of Fargo. We have been listening … Continue reading

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 Sometimes I wonder… am I on the right track? Am I going into the woods or coming out? If I am coming out my feet are wet. Am I on the edge of the road and going..right then left..and back … Continue reading

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Yesterday I needed to get out, I needed to see something besides snow and trees. I was pinging off the walls and just needed to get out. So I chose to go look at some culverts. Whoopie!! This may seem … Continue reading

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Flooding Memories

What a week! We had all that running water on Monday, then it snowed..not a lot..but we are returned to a wintry frozen like state again. Spring seems like it will never come. Summer seems like some distant dream. The … Continue reading

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My Brother

Fifty-Five years ago today was a monumental day in my life. I was two and a half years old. My brother was born, I had to learn to share my parents attention. He had colic, he made everyone tired. My … Continue reading

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Wistful Wednesday :1920

What a wonderful looking bunch of kids in 1920! I love the way the little boys took off their caps for the photo. Far Guys Dad was six years old, this might be the first grade class. The littlest girl … Continue reading

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Snow Melt

We have had a major snow melt here, the rain that began on Sunday continues to do battle with the snowbanks. Far Guy and I took some photos of the water in our area yesterday. We live in the Mississippi … Continue reading

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What is it? Revealed

When I was a little girl, on Sunday mornings I put my offering for church in a hankie and tied up the ends. All little girls at our church did this if they didn’t have a little purse or pockets. … Continue reading

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What is it?

A little fun today. I will give you a hint. I used this a long time ago..when I was a little girl. Leave your guess! Tomorrow I will tell the story:)  

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