Wild Turkeys and Wild Rumors

I have been in pursuit of this Wild Turkey half the winter..finally success! Far Guy has been so patient..taking me by the Turkey area. I caught them in March..but then I lost those photos (and they were damn good ones too) so we had to venture out again. They are just down the road a few miles..the snow is too deep yet to venture into the ditch. The Wild Turkey season starts here soon, April 15th I think…these guys will be easy to hunt. They are wary of traffic..one day Far Guy lost all his patience with me and Chance, I was hanging out one window trying to get some photos and Chance rolled down his own window AGAIN and began to bark..and a car came down the road. Far Guy hollered "Chance quiet down! Here comes a car..we are all gonna die ..but SOMEONE can take good pictures of the crash with your camera! " I have a ritual..Camera in action mode and ready to shoot.. I open my window..Far Guy zooms into position with the car and I snap photos like mad. Turkeys scatter everywhere..

Far Guy called me a "Turkey" the other day. I was visiting with an individual. I had heard a rumor that he and his lovely wife got a divorce. So I asked him straight up.. " I heard a rumor, that you and the wife got a divorce? " He was stunned, as he has been married a long time..rumors ..they were just rumors..who starts them anyway..well who ever does..I don’t repeat them and If I hear one about you, I will ask you the next time I see you..so I can tell the next person that wants to tell me the same juicy gossip that they are NUTS. This was all very embarrassing for Far Guy…poor guy..stuck with a "Turkey" for a wife..who squashes wild rumors:)

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5 Responses to Wild Turkeys and Wild Rumors

  1. susan says:

    Wild turkeys are eat we had a flock of 12 2 years ago in the fall that would come into our yard at the lake, walk single file around the place in the mornings and then go back down the road, I think they liked our huge oak tree best, We saw them last winter about 10 miles south towards two inlets , be weird if they are the same group by you.

  2. dumbo says:

    Did you mean that the turkeys would be hard to hunt? If they are fleeing from cars, they must be fairly cautious about intruders.

    Did susan mean that turkeys are neat? I don’t think that is the correct spelling, because that would refer to tidiness. I should talk with my poor typing.

  3. abra la mente says:

    Better to be a turkey that squashes wild rumors than a gossipy gobbler!

  4. Far Side of Fifty says:

    Thanks for the comments!
    Dumbo, If I can get them with my camera certainly some Turkey Hunter should be able to bag a few.. They roost in the trees..I can never get a good Camera shot in the trees from the road..we still have ditches full of snow and water. You have any wild turkeys in AZ?:)

  5. Dumbo says:

    I am sure there are wild turkeys, but when you spend your time in urban areas, and Casa Grande to Phoenix is urban, you don’t get to see much wildlife. Mostly rabbits and road runners, and the **** mourning doves.

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