What is it?

A little fun today. I will give you a hint. I used this a long time ago..when I was a little girl. Leave your guess! Tomorrow I will tell the story:)  

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6 Responses to What is it?

  1. abra la mente says:

    Oh, the possibilities! Could it be a “church baby?” Or perhaps a mini run-away napsack filled with sweet treats that will last until the end of the driveway.;-) Maybe it’s the place you ept all your “worldly treasures”..er, trinkets. Okay, I’ll stop guessing and wait for toorrow’s story!

  2. abra la mente says:

    Sorry about the missing letters above…
    ept = kept
    toorrow’s = tomorrow’s

  3. Judy A says:

    Looks like a hanky!

  4. carol says:

    It’s a hanky with filled with the coins that we gave at church and Sunday school.

  5. Silver Swan says:

    Is it a sachet with the handkerchief folded around dried rose petals or something like that, that smells nice and can be put in with the underwear or other clothing? I remember sachets. They were nice.

  6. PrairieWoman says:

    I was thinking a shower game of some kind, but, I’m thinking I’m way off base.

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