What is it? Revealed

When I was a little girl, on Sunday mornings I put my offering for church in a hankie and tied up the ends. All little girls at our church did this if they didn’t have a little purse or pockets.
Things I learned:
If you whop your brother with it, he will eventually cry and you will both be in trouble.

If you sling it around during the sermon, make sure it doesn’t make any clunking noises against the pews.

Be prepared, when the Pastor says "Amen" you better start untying your hankie, if you did a lot of silent slinging..it might be a tighter knot than you started with.

ALL the coins must go from the hankie into the offering plate..coins held back in the anticipation of a candy bar are punishable by time in a chair at home after church..and a serious lecture.

If your brother, who always has a pocket, puts all his coins in but takes out paper money..he is going to be in big trouble..he was..some life lessons you can learn just by watching. I observed his indiscretion..as he pointed out..he put lots of coins (pennies) in and only took one paper one out. He got time in the chair..without me as his company:)

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  1. abra la mente says:

    Very cool story. :-)

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