Snow Melt

We have had a major snow melt here, the rain that began on Sunday continues to do battle with the snowbanks. Far Guy and I took some photos of the water in our area yesterday. We live in the Mississippi watershed, so all our water goes east and south. Our friends 90 miles west are preparing for the second five hundred flood in the Red River Valley in 12 years. We lived there through the "Great Flood of 1997." It was no fun at all. They are in for a real tough go this time..with a flood forecast that exceeds the 1997 levels. If you have any extra prayers..wing them toward the Red River Valley. The small amount of water that we have here is insignificant compared to them.

Snow melt in our neck of the woods.

Water was running everywhere!

An old, old river appears.  All the "old timers" know that this river used to exist just to the north and west of us, it winds it’s way to Osage.

The water in Osage, at this point I was hanging out of the window, when another vehicle came barreling down the road, sending a wave of icy water up over the car and right onto me.  Needless to say..I was madder than a wet hen.

We went by our friend Ray’s place..ahh Ray are all of your boats lakeworthy?  Poor Ray had no was a river.

Almost whitecaps.

Between our house and Osage, water was across the roadway in seven different places in a three mile stretch.

Some of the culverts were filled with ice and plugged allowing water to back up.  This one was unfrozen, and had quite a current.

Today most of the culverts have opened, and the frost has gone out.  We are in no danger of flooding here.  I am very thankful for that:)

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2 Responses to Snow Melt

  1. susan says:

    Your pictures are awesome! Well we seem to be OK here, as long as electricity stays on, and that snow stays away with the freezing drizzle that knocks out power. Lots of water everywhere, the rain didn’t help, I think our FM area will make it, because of all the fantastic volunteer effort that is going on here. The rapid snow melt is unbelievable we had over 5 feet of snow surounding our home 10 days ago and it is all gone.

  2. East Side says:

    I love the picture of the boats… you guys DO have a lot of water. I haven’t taken any pictures yet, but I will probably head to Carl’s, I am sure his barn is half way underwater by now.

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