Yesterday I needed to get out, I needed to see something besides snow and trees. I was pinging off the walls and just needed to get out. So I chose to go look at some culverts. Whoopie!! This may seem rather boring to most of you.. I however like to watch water make its way from one side of the road to the other. In the spring in Minnesota..I live to watch the water run. Far Guy was not thrilled and I told him I could go alone, but he said "No, I will drive you (big sigh), but today we are taking my truck." Chance heard this and immediately went to the truck to wait.

Chance and Far Guy have been fixing the fire in a local outdoor stove, they drive there once a day to fill the stove. Yesterday Chance was least Far Guy thought he hollered and hollered and the dog wouldn’t come. Where in the heck was the dog? Waiting in the truck..duh..

Anyway back to my exciting culverts..are you ready?

This was the find of the day…an ice shelf on the west side of a local culvert..I thought it was awesome.

This is a top view, not as fantastic..but still okay.

This is the view from the other side of the culvert. I have to remember to watch where I walk…so I don’t end up wet. I used to swim in this area as a kid, and when the water was low we used to crawl into this culvert to swimming today. Far Guy hollers "Be Careful, You are going to end up all wet." Then I fell in..just kidding..just checking to see if you were still reading..I was careful..very careful.

We travel on to the next set of interesting culverts..they turned out to be really interesting. As the road was washed out. Far Guy refused to go any further, and I had to hike near the myself..all alone..when the ice began to crack under my feet I stopped and took this photo. I was still on the road..the water was just getting wetter.

So that was my big excitement yesterday..:)

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