I Heard It On The Radio

Far Guy and I learned in 1997 that connections are what keep you going during a flood. Our connection to the outside world was email, phone and the radio. We listened to KFGO out of Fargo. We have been listening to KFGO online this time also. They have been taking phone calls, from callers.
Many people have questions..KFGO is the place to call if you need an answer.

What I have heard over the past few days:
Briarwood needs a porta-john, Larry needs a jackhammer (someone called with one for him to borrow), a dog was lost, a dog was found at one of the dikes, an elderly lady had baked 200 oatmeal cookies and wanted to get them to the sandbaggers, someone with a bread truck full of loaves of bread wondering where he could take them, people have extra sandbags..some are even filled with sand, some people have dry storage space to share, people outside of the area call in and offer to take in strangers with pets that are displaced, two large dogs were found, what roads are open out of Fargo, people call in with pleas for sandbaggers, they are shutting off the water to Oakport, there is a fire at Oakport..an elderly couple lost their home first to the flood and then to fire last Friday, Oak Grove Campus is getting water, hundreds have showed up to help fix a breach near El Zagel, Briarwood got their porta-john (one was on the way within twenty minutes of the plea), an emergency animal shelter is being set up at Jamestown by Kay from Prairie Paws Rescue, West Fargo has an animal shelter set up at the Fairgrounds, Horses could be taken to NDSU..but they needed hay and people with trailers to help transport them, a guy from Bemidji brought down some pumps and hoses and will give them to the first people that show up at the Burger King in Moorhead, Jessica calls often, seventy horses were eventually moved, she needed halters and more lead ropes, today she need a water tanker truck so the volunteers don’t have to carry water to the horses, from what I understand many animals are safe at the fairgrounds..donkeys, horses and even a pot bellied pig, people from as far away as New York call to thank them for their 24/7 coverage of the flood, many people call with the question..who do I call for??..and they get answers with phone numbers. Like they say, if someone has a question or a need, if they don’t know the answer one of their listeners will, and their listeners are good people and will share their resources.

My brother and his son are still over there, he his helping to build secondary dikes. From what I understand he was at Centennial Soccer Field in a twenty foot hole, bringing up clay from the bottom to the top. He drove back home to sleep. My other nephew spent some time in an area in South Moorhead building a dike with Firefighters and Guardsmen.

Here are a few photographs that my nephew (Pyro)  took on Saturday in Moorhead, Minnesota.

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  1. abra la mente says:

    It is really nice to be able to get radio stations over the internet…a good way for family and friends from far away to be able to keep abreast of the situation facing their loved ones. It is also great to see that people are so willing to come to the aid of their neighbors.

    Hmmm…my security code is: aid method

    How appropriate, when I’m responding to your blog about a method to aid others!

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