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Sign of the times

Ten years ago, we purchased one of those big ole blue highway signs to direct people to our business. That sign was one of the loose ends I needed to tie up. Far Guy said he could take it down … Continue reading

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Wistful wednesday : Early 1920’s

These are Meady’s children. Two girls and a boy, Far Guy’s Mom is the oldest. This photo was probably taken in 1922, the children’s ages would have been, 5, 3 and 8 that year. Somehow I cannot imagine perching a … Continue reading

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“Flat Adam”

For those of you not yet in the grandparent/parent loop, school children often make a likeness of themselves and mail it off, this was inspired by the book "Flat Stanley" by Jeff Brown. Yesterday we had a visit from "Flat … Continue reading

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Trumpeter Swans : A Minnesota Success Story

Since Far Guy and I discovered Sven and Sophie up on Swan Pond we became curious how many other Swan pairs are in our area. On Saturday after I was done bitching about the snow, we went for a drive. … Continue reading

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Swan Pond : Sven and Sophie

Yes, there are swans at Swan Pond, Trumpeter Swans. I have named the pair Sven and Sophie. Since Swan Pond is just up the road a piece we will try to get there once a week to keep an eye … Continue reading

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Snow April 24, 2009

Yesterday late in the afternoon, it started to rain, thick icy cold rain that turned to ..SNOW. Now whose fault is this fine howdy- ya-do? It might have something to do with Far Guy, last Monday he was being a … Continue reading

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I have gone Loony AGAIN!

We are very fortunate here in Minnesota to have an individual by the name of Larry Backlund who has a Loon nesting platform near his dock on a small lake in Minnesota. This is a project that is near and … Continue reading

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Swan Pond: Ole and Lena

Today I will share some wildlife. Up the road a piece there is a wildlife area, a slough. I have named it Swan Pond. It is located right next to a highway, but there is a safe place to pull … Continue reading

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Wistful Wednesday: Old Car

This is a photograph of Far Guys Dad. The car is a Willys Knight from the late 1920’s (according to Far Guy) I have no idea when the photograph was taken… I would guess in the late 1930’s. I have … Continue reading

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Chance: Playing Ball With Lefty

Hello! It is I Chance the wonder dog, I get to guest blog again today! We went to the "city" for Easter, Far Side has "city" rules, they are different from country rules. She says " Blah Blah traffic Blah … Continue reading

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