Snow Again

It snowed again, I was just thrilled. Old man Winter is baaaack, and it was no Aprils Fools Joke either. I am reverting back to my cheerful frozen mood..Far Guy is so happy.

No fooling..Chance and I were awakened in the middle of the night when the snow rumbled and fell off of the roof. Far Guy just snored away. Chance was concerned, I was fully awakened by his the form of of his big old nose..

"NO, I DO NOT need to go out with you and check it out." It sounds worse than it actually is, the tin roof amplifies the sound indoors. "GO back to sleep."

This is what the roof looked like in the morning..half snowy..half had fallen off.

When the snow piles up and starts to slide, it forms curls. It only curls so far and comes off in huge sheets..kinda like a huge snow bomb.. this is a curl on Far Guys garage.

Since there is safety in numbers..we all go outside together, Far Guy to fix the fire in the Outdoor Wood Stove. Chance to keep watch..and me to take more glorious snow photos. Luckily I grabbed a pair of socks and hiked them up over my pants legs..cause I did get snow in my boots..that tells me we got about ten to twelve inches of the beautiful white crap.

We played a game..called Chance Come! I am near the house in a snowbank, relaxing as much as you can relax with your boots filling with snow and Far Guy is by the wood stove..we take turns calling "Chance Come" ..back and forth he runs..burning off all his pent up energy:)

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  1. buffgal says:

    I cannot get enough of the Chance photos! I love the big nose one and remember getting the cold nose from my Mac!

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