In a pickle

Well, I think I might be in a pickle. Sometimes I get myself into the darnedest situations. You see I needed a photograph..yes needed, there is a difference between a want and a need. The little pigs are already ten days old.. and do you know how fast little pigs grow? Very Fast.. I was sure they were going to lose their cuteness any day. Pigs you know go from cute little buggers to handsome brutes practically before your eyes. This was the last litter too. Well, this all would not be a problem..except that the farmers wife is gone on a trip..and her hubby is all alone. Far Guy wasn’t feeling good, so Chance and I went all alone..well wouldn’t you know it..Mrs. Gossip was just turning onto our road when I was at the stop sign..she drives I followed her..and she saw where I turned. Darn. I should have just kept on following her and doubled back after she turned off at her place. I Imagine that my visit was timed..she may have driven by several times..she probably knows more about my visit than I do. Then to top it all off the neighbor has Canadian Geese and Swans eating in his corn fields every night..and he invited me back at five to take more photos..I think I will wait till next week, when his lovely wife is home.

I am sure Mrs. Gossip will be reporting my whereabouts to my Mother and Father within 24 hours. Far Guy says if he hears any gossip..he is just going to say .. "I knew she was up to no good, whining about some photos of little pigs, and all the while she was secretly cavorting in the hog barns with the neighbor, and she took the dog with her too."

Chance had a blast with his friend..and I got my photographs! :)


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2 Responses to In a pickle

  1. Abra La Mente says:

    Cute pigs…those photos are worth the gossip! Oh, and for the neighborhood gossips…aren’t they fun! I’ve had a few of those around, as well.

  2. East Side says:

    I am not sure pigs can ever be cute… I don’t like to think of my food as once being cute!

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