My Mom Sews

My Mom is a wonderful seamstress. She sews, she has a sewing room and everything, a fancy sewing machine and a serger. She even has a cutting table, and a dress form. She has a room full of fabric and never passes up a fabric shop. Her ironing board is set up continually in her sewing room. She always has a hundred projects going at once.

I have none of this machine sewing know how. I do have a sewing machine. I would much rather hand sew something than drag out my machine..which is stored in it’s original box..upstairs. My sewing prowess began in high school when I was going to flunk Home Economics Mom saved my project..but she only got a C. Later in life, when I was pregnant, I bought some material to make some maternity tops..I sewed the sleeves in backwards..I cried. When the girls were little I tried to sew them some flannel nightgowns. The girls looked so pathetic in them I threw the gowns in the garbage and cried. I still have the remnants of some of my sewing projects upstairs, pieces of quilts..started..never finished. Beautiful patterns for wall hangings..that I would love to sew together..but I know they will never turn out the way I want them to. Part of my problem may be..I hate to measure anything..and apparently just eyeballing something doesn’t work in the sewing world.

My Mom always comes to my rescue. I needed new kitchen curtains.. I designed them in my head. When I went over to pick out the fabric from her "store" ..she had four or five matching fabrics for me to choose from for the lining. She sewed them..she didn’t like the way they turned out..the Loons in the pattern were not swimming evenly across the material. She whipped up my valence in no time flat. I like it… Want to see some before and afters??

Before: The old flannel ones that she sewed for me, about six years ago. I whined about my sewing skills back then also.

After: A simple valence, lined of course, the buttons are old treasures, some from my Grandma D and some from one of my Mothers old coats from years ago. No, the buttons do not match..they are all individual and unique. Kinda like me:)

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3 Responses to My Mom Sews

  1. Ann says:

    I’m almost that bad too. I have so many not finished projects. I did sew my own clothes for awhile. I have 4 sewing machines. I buy the fabric and take it to my mom. She just finished a baby quilt. What will I do without her. Mom’s other talent is that when I can’t find something in my home I call her and talk when looking for it. It works I’m not sure how though.

  2. Judy A says:

    Chancy-dancy looks cute in the valance picture. I know how to sew. I just never get it done.

  3. Abra La Mente says:

    Chance looks so handsome lying there in front of the window. s he guarding the kitchen?

    I can sew, and sometims even enjoy it, but I find myself with bigger plans than the time needed to carry them out, which =lots of unfinished projects!

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