Community Coming Together

Our Great Niece Aubrey was born in May of 2008 with a complete bilateral cleft lip and palate, she has had two surgeries so far. The first last September, the second in February..she will have many more surgeries. So far it is nothing short of a miracle..what the surgery has accomplished.

 April 2009

Living in a very small community sometimes has it’s advantages. In a few weeks the community will surround this little munchkin with financial support. The local Lions Club is hosting a fund raising dinner, six local Chefs ( real honest to goodness World Class Chefs..from a little known private corporate retreat here in the boonies..where people get flown in and out by private jets) and my Mom and my Aunt are preparing the dinner. Thank goodness I am not needed in the kitchen. Attendance would be down if the word got out that I was in the kitchen. Far Side cooking would draw a few curious spectators but not many willing participants… and the Fire Department would have to go on standby. So I am staying OUT of the kitchen. The cooking is best left to people who know what they are doing.

I have been in charge of the silent is amazing the phone calls and email messages I am getting as the fund raiser approaches. People are pulling together. Some of them have been dropping off their donations for the silent auction, many are beautiful handmade treasures. There are some wonderful quilts! Far Guy has been so excited..some tools were donated..he wants them all. I told him to "Bring the checkbook." We hope for a day without snow, and lots of hungry people:)


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  1. susan says:

    So when is the exact date of the fundraiser?

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