Old Photo and a Duck Story

Far Guy and some Easter Chicks! I love the fancy frocks and the little purses.. and Far Guys sister has gloves on! Far Guy says the girl on the left is cousin Bonnie. I am not so sure..where is her brother? I am also wondering why in the world Far Guy needed a belt AND suspenders. He did wear lots of suspenders..so much so that in grade school the other kids called him "Spenders" …don’tcha just love that Bow Tie! He was one stylin’ dude when he was five!

In the late 1960’s Far Guys Mom must have been going through some type of personal crisis. Maybe she was in some sort of irrational menopausal mood..she bought two ducks ..one pink and one blue. This was back in the days when it was acceptable to dye the poor little things. There was some sort of Duck Tragedy that year, Far Guys Dad may have been involved. There was only one fluffy duck one day.. It followed Muggy around, he was a Chihuahua with an attitude and the last thing he wanted to be was a mother for a duck. I recall that Far Guy and I let the duck swim around in the toilet one afternoon, Far Guys Mom had a "cow" it may have had something to do with the other ducks tragic death ..she loved that little duck..it went to Emil’s next door to grow up to be someones dinner..:)


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