First Robins of Spring

Last evening while Far Guy was cooking another one of his gourmet meals and Chance was having a nap under the table, I glanced out the kitchen window. Low and behold.. Robins..the first ones I have seen this spring. They were poking around in my Day-lilies. I grabbed the camera and took a photo through the window.

It is not the greatest quality photo but it is proof that at 6:38 PM .. I saw the first Robin! Far Guy said, "Who ya gonna call?"  Well, that is quite obvious my Sister-In-Law! ( Mrs. She is always first seeing a Robin, sitting on her deck with my number on speed dial, just waiting to giggle and holler "I saw a Robin!) .. BUT I wanted to bask in my bird spotting skills for awhile first. Good thing too..when I finally did call her she said "I saw one earlier in the evening" ..we compared times.. and she was first again..she beat me by over an hour.

At least this year we got to see them on the same day. Last year her first Robin sighting was on April 05..mine was not until April 19. Two whole weeks separated us last year..this year mere hours.. next year is anyone’s game!

I always try to keep track from year to year..what happens when. Keeping track of such things is called Phenology. The first robin, the first deer tick, the first Loons, this year I hope to add the first spring peepers to the list.. the first evening you go outside and the night air is filled with their mating calls..I wonder what they are really saying?? "It has been a long spring, you are beautiful..wanna fool around?" OR "Tired, headache, is that all you ever think should have been a toad instead of a frog." Ah..the possibilities are endless:)


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  1. pyro says:

    i have had at least a dozen robins between my front and back yards all day long for the last week!!!

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