Carpet Completed

Finally, the carpet has been installed. The project that I wanted completed before Christmas is completed by Easter. It was quite a project, we carted "Stuff" into the bathroom until we were exhausted. There was a method to our madness, whatever we packed in there did not have to be moved twice! Then we moved everything from the east to the west, the installer laid that carpet, then overnight we moved everything from the west to the east..we had to call my brother and one of our nephews to help move some really heavy items that Far Guy and I just drug over the sub-floor..but could not be drug over on the new carpeting. The next day the carpet installation was completed and furniture was moved back to where it might possibly belong. Since then I have been trying to get everything out of the bathroom..finally success. It is presentable up here now.. here are the previous photos. If you care to look at them.

The best part of this entire more slivers in the Grand kids toes and feet from running up there without their socks on. No more micro surgery on the kitchen table with someone screaming that they are sorry that they were running.

View from the stairs.

This is the real color! Brown!

View from the French may note that something is missing..the huge Oak Cabinet..It’s treasures were packed away, Andy and Jen moved it to the garage for it’s place a custom pine cabinet with glass doors flanked by two window seats will be built. The design is still in my head..but is coming out in bits and pieces, and Far Guy is trying his best to visualize what I want..and making my design a reality. ..or something really close to my reality. We will build it when the weather gets just a little warmer. Far Guy is finally trimming out the windows up is in progress..I will post that project when it is completed!

I still feel like I need a decorator.. for the placement of the furniture.. I attempted some new things..but eventually I just moved the old stuff back in the same old place. It could be..that I don’t have the right combinations of furniture ..that happened to me downstairs..until I purchased new furniture specifically for the space. Possibly it could be the new carpet new window treatments new furniture syndrome..I just got the real measurments for the thing at a time:)

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