Spring Fires

Last night "The Natives" were restless..either that or someone was released from jail. Fire bugs, those people that love to watch the pretty Fire Truck lights scurrying around putting out fires. It is brown here, and there is lots of dead tall grass in the ditches. They drive along in their cars and throw rolls of toilet paper out the windows..flaming rolls of toilet paper..as it unrolls it spreads the fire.

Last night was a busy night. Far Guy and Pyro (Nephew) burned off my wild flower area, then we got company and Pyro finished the burn and wet everything down, and brought Chance back to the house. A little while later a page came out for a Medical call, and shortly after that a report of a fire..on our corner! Now our fire could not have escaped ..could it? No, it was the flaming toilet paper perpetrators. ..and the fire was across the gravel road. Far Guy is only on duty during the day, last night he shut off his pager, he said it was a busy night for the Fire Department…hopefully it will rain soon..the grass will green up and the fire danger will have passed for awhile. The BIA has it’s own fire crew, they stay really busy this time of year.

The Oaks, I may bitch and moan about how late they leaf out, and complain about the leaves. It only took one crowning Forest Fire in the property in the Pines south of us to make me a believer in Oaks.

May 01, 2004. I was working in my greenhouse…


Far Guy was in his..

Jo stopped by and we were having a good visit..when Far Guy said I think there is a fire just south of us. ( Actually, I think he said "Holy shit, that fire is coming straight for us." ) It was a really dry spring that year, and this particular day there was a wind from the south about 30 mph. The fire was intentionally set, needless to say it spread like wild fire. Fire Departments began to arrive…four different departments. Jen and Andy were coming to visit that evening..they were on the way and noticed all the smoke.. Jen called and said "YUM, Mom there is a whole lot of smoke in your direction..where is the fire?" I replied " Across the road in the pines." By the time I went out to check on things again..you can’t see very much back here in the woods..the plane was here dumping the wet stuff on the red stuff.

I then went back to the house, to find I had my own personal fire truck stationed at my house, and two firefighters who I knew..that told me.. "You have to leave, it is not safe back here anymore, our orders are to evacuate everyone." Well, I of course asked who issued THAT order..it was the Chief..I asked what buildings will you protect? The reply was "just the house" …not the Greenhouses? "Nope, just the house, but we should be able to save it, your steel roof will really help." Then the Firefighter who I have known all my life ( I remember when he was born, I probably even changed his diaper a time or two) said.. "you have to leave now"..and he gave me a hug. I told him to help himself, there was food and cold soda in the Fridge..just in case he was hungry. Then I went into the house, and grabbed my camera and my hooded sweatshirt and hopped on the three wheeler and left. No ID, no money, no checkbook, no real vehicle..Far Guy had his truck and a shovel. We waited out by the end of the driveway..my sister in law was pretty smart..she packed up her possessions and put them in her car. She had all her important "stuff."

There were a few "spot" fires that came over the road that day, they were quickly extinguished, the wind switched to the southwest and forced the fire toward the lake, and as soon as it hit the Oaks..it was manageable..and the fire went out. The fires back in the pines, smoldered for days..it was determined to be a fire set by someone..they were never apprehended. Thank goodness for the Oaks. You couldn’t pay me to live in the Pines..they are beautiful..but deadly in a forest fire. I will take my Oaks, leaves and all:)

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  1. Far Guy says:

    Lets see, two rescue calls and two fires during my watch. I responded to the one on our corner after my watch … do I get time and a half for that one? I know the guys had at least one more rescue and one more fire before I turned off my pager. I’m too old for this shit.

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