Old Lady Camera

A week ago, My loyal HP Photosmart M627 (7mp) Digital Camera died. My lens stuck, it would not retract. It was stuck..lens error. I looked up the error on the Internet..and did everything I was advised.. low and behold Far Side the Camera Repair Woman was successful. For a whole five days.. about 200 photos later..until it died again..and no matter how many times I did the suggested sequence..it is still dead. I was sad. I was comfortable with my tried and true camera, however I did yearn for a better camera. HP stopped making cameras.. I complained to my brother.. apparently it was a division that was expendable. He didn’t care as long as it wasn’t his division. He is camera savvy..or used to be..guess not so much anymore. I complained directly to HP..they are truly sorry but they have no plans to resurrect their Camera division anytime soon.

Far Guy offered to give me his camera..which in reality is my old HP Photosmart (2.1mp.) He is so generous. But it still works..and it does take good photos.

I did some research.. and had my choices written down..now for the shopping part..gosh I hate to shop.
I walked around, looking at all the choices. Nikon or Canon?? A camera with lots of dials and settings..I barely understand shutter speeds ..I am camera stupid. I was discouraged. Then I found my old HP Camera, it must have been stuck in some warehouse someplace..I almost grabbed it and ran to the checkout counter. I stopped myself..and said self "You need a better camera..Perhaps not a Canon Mark III..but a better camera."

I compromised and got another old lady camera. One with automatic settings, but with the capability to choose my own settings..for when I am comfortable enough with ISO and all that technical jargon. When I have time to read the entire manual and feel like experimenting. I have thirty days to decide if this is the camera for me or not..and I will probably go back and get that HP Photosmart M627 and see if I can get a service package for ten years..because I really liked that camera..I can send my old one in for repair..but that will cost as much as a new camera.

One of the reasons I wanted a new camera was to take bird photos.. In my old camera they would have looked like this…honest there is a bird in this photo.

The new camera…TA DA!! A BLUEBIRD

A cropped photo.. with practice… I should get better..maybe.


The camera I ended up purchasing was a Canon (9 mp) Powershot SX 110 IS ..thirty days will tell the story:)

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  1. pyro says:

    the cannon sx110 was one of the three cameras we had on our list, but i talked to somebody i know who is an “expert” he suggested a panasonic tz-5. i love that camera as does my wife. it has what they call ai mode, which is a smart mode basically. point and shoot no adjusting and it takes awesome pictures every time, but it also has a manual setting menu too.

    you wont be disappointed with the cannon though.

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