Swan Pond: Ole and Lena

Today I will share some wildlife.

Up the road a piece there is a wildlife area, a slough. I have named it Swan Pond. It is located right next to a highway, but there is a safe place to pull off of the road to view the birds or to take photos! I have named the Canadian Honkers Ole and Lena.

I was watching for quite some time. Traffic does not seem to bother them. They "Honk-AHonk" occasionally. Then all of a sudden they got very, very upset. They got company..an unwanted visitor..Lars. He flew in and landed.


Ole took off into the water after Lars..AHonking many warnings. Lena stayed on the island..then she pitched a real fit. Apparently Ole was not doing a good enough job of thwarting advances by Lars. During mating season male geese are supposed to defend their territory, their mate and the nest..in just that order. Lena should have just been concerned with the nest…maybe she has not laid her eggs yet..or maybe she didn’t read the same book as I did. Maybe she was REALLY hormonal and cranky. Ole and Lena both took off after Lars…it was nasty.

Lars flew back in by himself, then in came Ole and Lena as a pair. They flew in between Lars and the nesting island and landed.

They are all quiet now, Lars swims in the distance, while Ole and Lena swim to the Island and once there they huddle close together and preen their feathers. They preened and preened, Lars swam and swam..everyone was quiet.. I have no idea what they discussed in flight..but apparently Lars got the message.

Far Guy and Chance watched from INSIDE the car, Chance was curious but he watched quietly and never barked. He did roll down his window to get a better view. Far Guy kept saying..I hope you got that:)
All Photos taken with Canon PowerShot SX110 IS
April 22: I heard one lone Loon on the lake.

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  1. Dumbo says:

    Are you sure Lars isn’t really Helga? Maybe she was looking for some after dinner entertainment and that is why Lena got involved?

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