I have gone Loony AGAIN!

We are very fortunate here in Minnesota to have an individual by the name of Larry Backlund who has a Loon nesting platform near his dock on a small lake in Minnesota. This is a project that is near and dear to Larry’s big ole Loony heart.

The Live Cam is up and running, I have a link to it on my sidebar…on the right. This year Minnesota Bound ( The web site that hosts the Live Loon Cam) has added some extra features. There is a Loon Blog written by Larry, and a Loon Chat Room, It is my understanding that there is also a spot in the chat room for live chat. I left comments on both Larry’s Blog and the Chat Room last evening..just type in your name.. and leave a comment if you wish.

Larry gives up the use of his lake shore property so that the Loons have a safe place to nest, he built a platform and supplies it with cat tails and weeds. The Technical Crew comes in and sets up the Cam and all it’s various connections. After the Loons have hatched their young they will leave the nest, and Larry can have his lake shore back again.. he follows the Loons and their activity on the lake very closely.

Once the eggs have been laid the Loons will never leave the nest for very long. They trade spots day and night, wind and rain..Loons are very devoted to their eggs.

Last year, my grandsons were here when we watched the first chick go for his first swim. It was a wonderful sharing experience. I hope you enjoy this years Loon Experience as much as I will :)

Here is what I wrote last May 5, 2008:
I have been doing some reading about Common Loons (Gavia immer) ..I just love those scientific names!
Imagine yourself a Male Loon…you have had a foot loose, fancy free winter in the south. One day something says fly north…something draws you to the nesting site you had last year. Finally the ice is out and you use your magical calls to establish your territory. Then you wait for your mate, when she finally shows up..you are really happy to see her.. "Hiya Toots"…lets get on with the laying of the eggs! You are both tireless parents, taking turns on the nest..then spending most of the summer rearing and protecting the chicks. One day you say, "Time to go junior or juniorette…hope you have a good loony life." You and your mate take off to gather with friends, and head south. You might see your mate over the winter, you might not, you may be 100 to 1,000 miles apart.."See ya at the lake in the spring Toots."
Such is the life of a Loon..fascinating creatures!

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