Snow April 24, 2009

Yesterday late in the afternoon, it started to rain, thick icy cold rain that turned to ..SNOW. Now whose fault is this fine howdy- ya-do? It might have something to do with Far Guy, last Monday he was being a smarty pants and put away his snow boots, and his lined winter coveralls. I told him he was pushing it. Yesterday he moved my snow shovel from it’s spot right outside the front the garage. One hour later it began to snow. So clearly the snow must be all his fault. The only thing I could have possibly done was to take down the Christmas lights and the swag, and the Christmasy snow picks with packages and reindeer on them.. oh and I changed my flag..bluebirds seemed more appropriate than geese with red bows. I still think the shovel moving was what pushed ole Mother Nature over the edge.


We had ONE lovely day of summer, it was actually hot on Thursday..77 degrees here, the neighbor had 83. He is always either warmer or colder than we are. I wore my crocs without my wool socks! We slaved away moving leaves, some were mulched, some were raked or blown into the woods. Far Guy was waging war with the sand and rocks that get on "the lawn" during snow removal, and wandering around with a bag of grass seed. Far Guy is way more particular with the lawn than I am, he grew up in the city, me in the country..that might be the big difference in our "lawn" ethics.

Just for the record I have not put my snow boots away yet..I wore them yesterday:)


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3 Responses to Snow April 24, 2009

  1. PrairieWoman says:

    Let’s just hope that summer isn’t over yet. LOL!

    Chance looks a bit confused. Everything alright?

  2. PrairieWoman says:

    Here’s a creepy thought for you today, I was going to tell you when you posted it but forgot. Your Wistful Wednesday – A Bride 1913 – I’ve seen that picture before in a collection of old pictures my Grandmother had. There was no name on the back or anything so I don’t know how she fits into my Grandmother’s set of photos. Maybe an old friend of her mother’s. Just kinda weird if you ask me.

  3. Far Side of Fifty says:

    Prairie Woman, Isn’t that interesting…maybe a cousin? Do you suppose you are related to Far Guy?? We love all long lost cousins. You can email me at Perhaps we can figure it out! :)

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