Sign of the times

Ten years ago, we purchased one of those big ole blue highway signs to direct people to our business. That sign was one of the loose ends I needed to tie up. Far Guy said he could take it down for me, I thought better of that idea..there is a $700 fine for tampering or destroying those signs. Not that taking it down would be destroying..but tampering..maybe. I finally called Ollie ( we went to grade school together), and left him a message, MN DOT took it down, and delivered it to us. Well, since I paid $300 for this sign, it needed to go someplace…I am way against nailing stuff into trees..ouch. Far Guy graciously agreed it should go above my garage door, he tried to decapitate me with it only once during the hanging. He cussed, he had to switch out screwdrivers, he had to drag the ladder around while I was standing on my tippy toes. You would think, that if your cordless screwdriver always lets you down during a project..that you would just get out the one with the electrical cord in the first place. I was going to suggest this at the beginning of the project..but sometimes I am just silent. I know this may seem foreign to you all…but if I am silent….I do a lot of thinking to myself.. "Oh Lord, not that worthless battery operated piece of crap again." " My arms and legs are not long enough for this." " Hurry up, or the obit will have to say..she died because of short arms and legs..if she looked more like a Neanderthal she would have lived." Far Guy is encouraging… "Just hold it up there for a few more minutes..darling." I think it may have been the darling part.. :)

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2 Responses to Sign of the times

  1. dumbo says:

    Next time make sure you bring a sheet of paper to stand on–like an old Sears catalog or two.:)

    There is nothing like helping your spouse do a chore–I couldn’t get along without mine, just ask her.

    Nice to see you found a good place for your sign.

  2. susan says:

    Cool sign and couldn’t he just poundednails in to hang it on until he could get to the side you were holding haha, Happy Mayday to you all, and TGIF for real today!

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