May Baskets!!

When I was little May first was one of my favorite days. Here in Minnesota, we celebrated the first day of May by making small baskets, and filling them with goodies. The baskets went into a cake pan and then we hopped into the car and delivered them. We delivered them to old ladies and children, you drove into their yard, ran from the car to the house as fast as your little legs would carry you, knocked on the door and then left the May Basket on the door knob. Then you ran back to the car, if they came out of the door before you made it safely back to the car… you ran willy nilly all over their that they couldn’t catch you and kiss you. Once all your deliveries were made, you hurried home to watch for cars to come down your drive..and for kids to coming running up to your door. So you could chase them around your yard.

It seems that no one celebrates this little holiday anymore, except for ME! For me, it is more fun than most cooking of food is involved..only candy..and baskets. I made seven little baskets(for my Great Nieces and Nephews) this year, when I went to the store to get the candy, the checkout gal looked at me a little funny..Skittles, Suckers, and Fruit Roll ups..I explained that it was May Day Basket filler..she said "No one does that anymore" WELL..obviously I do..and I think everyone else should too! In our neighborhood May Day is alive and well!

Recently the following story was related to me, by a friend in his eighties: You know years ago, when I was just a kid, my Ma would have us make baskets for May Day, then she would bake cookies and after chores in the evening we tried to sneak to the neighbors and leave the baskets on their door. Meady (Far Guys Maternal Grandmother) would come out, her apron would be flying, she could run like the wind..she always caught me ..I can still see her running and laughing.

Now for a photo. This would be ME..with my very first May Baskets in 1953..I was not yet 2 years old:)

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  1. pyro's wife says:

    Hi! We had two little boys who were pretty excited about their may day baskets! Thanks!

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