We have two possibly three sets of Eastern Bluebirds nesting in our yard. We only have two proper Bluebird houses up. One was positioned so that I would have a good camera view. The males being the flashiest of the pair, are easy to spot in amongst the Oaks that are not yet budding. The females are a little harder to spot. The poor females, are often overlooked. I think they are just lovely…

Another case in point is a Duck, the Mallards specifically, she is so nondescript she blends into the landscape…yet HE sticks out like a sore thumb. You must look closely at this photo…did you miss her at first glance? Far Guy was quite excited when I was taking this photograph, he kept whispering "Great shot, did you get them both?" "BOTH??, all I see is one Mallard" I only saw one..but I was lucky it was a twoferone that day. Ducks are really hard to photograph..they only sit on these little potholes for so long before they fly off…it is like they have little timers in their heads…aim, focus..shoot..and when you get to the shoot part..they fly off..It must be a "hunting thing."

Being overlooked, something both the female Mallard and the female Bluebird have in common..that and really flashy males:)


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  1. buffgal says:

    Ah yes the Females have to be “dull”….it is God’s way of protecting them but “dull” is so dastardly a word.

    PS to another post: I LOVE that ox cart!!!

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