Up In A Tree

i took a few interesting photographs this week. The weather up here is finally nice enough so that you can enjoy being outside. Even if some days you must wear a sweatshirt, or a coat.

I was off on a mission one day, and was side tracked by this little guy. I am not sure how common it is to see one of these.

A Black squirrel… Photo taken on May 03, 2009

Yesterday I noticed this in one of the Oaks just outside of my garage.

Strange..I am wondering who the dufus was that was playing ball with Chance. Turns out it was Far Guy and my brother. Last winter they lost this partially damaged ball in the tree and it has stayed up there all winter. I wonder how long it will last up there in that tree? I have found some of Chances many balls in strange places..under my pillow, in the couch, in my shoes, but never in a tree before:)

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One Response to Up In A Tree

  1. homd says:

    Hey, Far Side, we have spotted a black squirrel out by our lake home, too. We wondered whether it was a trick of the light, but you have proof! Nice picture!

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