Spring Might Be Here

 I think that spring might be here. Not only have the beautiful little yellow flowers appeared, spreading their sunny dispositions all over. The first garage sale sign appeared in our neighborhood. Well not quite our neighborhood but nearby, it was only 8 miles away at a church.

Cookbooks and paperbacks were ten cents each..who can pass up a Michener novel,  or a Nicholas Sparks that I have not read, or Charles Kuralt’s America ( The one where he visits Minnesota) OR cookbooks..I just love reading cookbooks. It was a great day..I got a 1971 local hospital cookbook from when they were fundraising for their new Cardiac Care Unit it is called RX for Good Eating, and a Cookbook called Recipes from Ed and Eleanor’s Catering..this one has Large Quantity Cooking..so IF I am ever having over fifty guests at once..this could come in real handy for Far Guy.

I also found this interesting item…If anyone has seen these before, or knows anything about them, please leave me a comment!

Black hand painted nesting boxes, on the bottom is a gold circle with four symbols..and around the circle are the words Lenghing Foochow. I have no idea if it is Chinese or Japanese. But they spoke to me, not loud, but like a nagging whispering..three dollars..are you curious enough? They are wood, a very thin wood. Two of the boxes have small chips, and show some wear, they are dirty, I need to clean them up, but the smaller boxes are perfect. I searched the Internet..maybe they are not old at all..but they are mine now, I have no idea what I will do with them..or the four Santa’s that just happened to end up in my pile, along with a cute little photo frame and an aluminum salt shaker..and a couple of cobalt blue plates for Far Guy.

Spring just might be here..other than someone said we could get some SNOW today. IF it snows I will take a photo and then a nap..and I am not getting up until the snow is gone:)

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4 Responses to Spring Might Be Here

  1. Abra La Mente says:

    Can’t say I know much about your boxes, but I think Foochow is Chinese…perhaps Lenghing is the company that made the boxes. It is hard to see the details, but each box appears to have a different painting, yet they all seem tied together. I wonder if they tell a story?

  2. East Side says:

    Stop buying stuff, at your age you should just want to get rid of all of it! New Rule: if something comes in, something has to go out!

  3. PrairieWoman says:

    If my daughter were home right now she would know which it was; Chinese or Japanese. She collects all sorts of Asian stuff.

  4. dave Baird says:

    They are Chinese lacquer wood and are quite nice. They are signed and most of them do tell a story, and adds to their value. In good condition they would be worth at least $100 but may bring much more. Common tourist items are made of plastic. I have oval ones.

    Tumwater wa

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