A Visit to the Vet

The little card came in the mail, the reminder that it was time for Chance to make his annual visit to the Vet. Last Saturday was the day. Chance knows his spot, on the couch with the stuffed animals. He waited patiently, until the Vet popped his head around the corner and said "Does that dog have his PH D yet?" Far Guy replied "No, but he is working on it."

Chance weighed in at 55 pounds, that is up three pounds from last year at this time. Paul, our Vet says he is a great weight. Patty the Vet Tech came in and commented on his beautiful coat. It should look reasonably good after his spring bath last week!

Yes, I clean his teeth, yes they should look pretty good. No, He doesn’t like it, but he puts up with my odd behaviors.

How does he sound? Great..perfect

Chance knows what comes next, and somehow hiding your head, will make the shots seem like they never happened.

Chance is in perfect health, we were pretty sure of that. It is nice to hear someone with knowledge say it too. We have had the same Vet now for over twenty five years, when he went from large animals just to a small animal practice, he kept our horses on as clients. He has taken care of our many dogs and cats, he is our friend, and genuinely cares for all animals. He has laughed and cried with us through five dogs, eight cats, two horses and two birds.

As a reminder, don’t put off your pets annual checkups, and have your pets spayed or neutered. We will start Chance’s heartworm prevention medication on May 15th, the little red heart is on our calendar:)

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2 Responses to A Visit to the Vet

  1. dumbo says:

    what happened to Far Guy’s face? I kept looking at the photos and scrolled them up and down, but like Ole at the movie theater watching the movie over and over hoping the train would be late, I just couldn’t scroll fast enough to see his face.

  2. buffalogal says:

    this blog reminds me that I should take Princess Kitty in for her checkup. She is not an at-ease patient however and it is quite an ordeal that I put off and dread. I might have to be taken to the ER after suffering her scratches and other miseries from her being scared out of her wits by a change of scenery from her “home place”.

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