A New Friend

We have a new friend, she lives down the road at Hooch’s house. She is eight weeks old. Her name is Odda 2, she is a Bernese Mountain Dog. Odda 1 died when she was just sixteen weeks old, she had a defective heart. ( It was very sad) This new pup was supposed to be called Bella..but everyone kept calling her Odda ( OH da) instead of Bella..so Odda 2 is her name! We have visited twice in a week, she has no manners..yet, and her little teeth are like razor blades. Hooch is teaching her some manners, he is a tough teacher, and made her cry yesterday. It sounded terrible, and Hooch was in big trouble… Hooch may be in for a big surprise when she gets bigger…and bigger she will be! Chance did really good with the new pup, of course she thought seeing someone the color of her Mother was pretty interesting. He just moved out of her way, when she got too "nosy."

All tails are up! Hooch, Chance and Odda 2

Chance and Odda 2

Run Odda 2 Run

She is pretty cute!

I think it is wonderful that I can live vicariously through my neighbors new puppy, I can visit, and play, and go home. Kinda like being a Grandma! No whining at night, no accidents during potty training, no new puppy smells ( Gosh I love the smell of a new puppy.) Sometimes I would like to have my very own dog. Chance loves me, but he is devoted to Far Guy. They are best buddies, and sometimes it is down right nauseating the interaction between my husband and his best friend. The other evening I was busy with something, and they were having a "talk"..it went like this. "Well, buddy, I guess it is time to cook something for supper, you are getting hungry aren’t you dude?" grr..grr.. "Nope, she doesn’t cook anymore." grr.. grr.. "I guess thirty five years of cooking almost every night burned her out, so now it is our turn" grr.. grr.. pathetic arn’t they? :)


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3 Responses to A New Friend

  1. prairiewomn says:

    That is a beautiful dog…uh…puppy. It’s good to have new friends.

  2. buffalogal says:

    Beautiful dog—“little” Odda. Chance is still the handsomest dog on the block though. The females must all be panting for him!

  3. buff.gal says:

    OUr border collie was a one-man dog too (Jerry) He did love me because I fed him and did a lot of petting and baby talking but it was the MAN he truly loved and served!!!! Oh I still miss him 10 plus years after his death at age 15.

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