A Missing Piece

Years ago, Far Guys Dad established a tradition. In the winter, Far Guys Dad would get out the puzzles. The old card table was resurrected out of the front closet to take it’s place in the living room. It became an adventure, ever changing with new conquests, as the years went by the dog ate a few puzzle pieces, the grand girls escaped with a few. Far Guys Dad always said "All the pieces aren’t there anyway." or "I have been searching for that one piece all week." Winter weekends, were always the same, there were always missing pieces..usually found. Puzzles were just part of the card table history, it was the card table that was set up for a night of card playing, it was the little kids table at Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter. It had history!

In 1994, when Far Guys parents sold their home and moved into a Senior Citizen apartments complex to escape the snow removal and yard mowing problems that were becoming more difficult for them, they had an Auction Sale. I had a list, of all the treasures that we wanted to purchase. Some of the items we were able to reclaim, the old red couch, the one that Far Guy’s Dad had picked out because it was extra long and he could stretch out and nap there..and it was red, his favorite color. Far Guy’s Mom had a set of China, it was purchased and given to our youngest daughter. Many treasures were sold that day, we couldn’t possibly purchase them all. Some went to neighbors, some to old friends, some to relatives. Some things went to strangers. That happens at auctions. One thing that we did not get that day in 1994, was the old card table. My Uncle purchased it, he had a great appreciation for wood inlaid items, it had a good home.

Then the unimaginable happened, my Uncle died, on his birthday of all days. I don’t often quarrel with God, and there have been only two people in my entire life that I would have gone "toe to toe" with God for. My Uncle was one of those men. I learned more from him about laughter and life than I have from people I am actually blood related to. He was married to my Dad’s sister. She has now moved into a retirement apartment. Yesterday was the Auction Sale. I had another one of my lists. Far Guy had a list. I made one special purchase that brought tears to my eyes..more about that some other day.

It was a really hard day, to see all the earthly treasures of someone who collected many things throughout their life on hay wagons and trailers..sold to the highest bidder. Each item with a story. This auction should have been a two day sale, but it was all crammed into one day. There were ten wagons of "stuff." We arrived at 9:30 AM, we came home twice, once to get Chance and one time so that I could bring Far Guy and Chance back home. Far Guy was exhausted, the wind blew relentlessly most of the day. It was cold, it was miserable, especially after sunset. I went back to wait for one last item, it was dark when I made my final purchase …a missing piece:)

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2 Responses to A Missing Piece

  1. Jan Zwald says:

    I’m so glad you got that card table! It’s still a beauty after all these years. I think Freeman Poole handmade that for Dad.

  2. abra la mente says:

    How cool that you ended up with that table! Very nice piece of handiwork.

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