Decoration Day

Old people called it "Decoration Day." The day in May set aside to strew flowers on soldiers graves. The day to pause and think about the white crosses spread all over Europe. To honor all servicemen and women who "gave their all."

Now we are encouraged to stop for one full minute of remembrance at 3 PM. Somehow sometime someplace something got all messed up…perhaps if we spent just one full minute communicating with a child about the importance of this tradition of decorating soldiers graves we would make more of a dent. Perhaps if they visited a graveyard and just appreciated the tiny flags flying in the breeze…:)

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2 Responses to Decoration Day

  1. buffalogal, says:

    Well said Farside….Decoration/Memorial day should be a WHOLE day of remembrance and reflection on the meaning of those who have defended and died for the United States when we had to defend ourselves via wars.

  2. Shirley H. says:

    Until recent years, a moment of silence was observed on November 11 at 11 AM. This was to commemorate the signing of the Armistice after World War I, which was signed at that time on that date.It was called Armistice Day. We were very serious and solemn about this observation.

    I think it is a pity that we have changed so many of the former holiday dates, just in order to provide 3-day weekends.

    Shirley H.

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