The Neighbors Farmhouse


It was a landmark, the big white farmhouse with the big red barn and a windmill. The lonely house stood empty. Memories are all that remain. The children all grown with grandchildren of their own. The old timers both now gone one to heaven and one to the nursing home.

They moved from Nebraska back in 1954, to the big old house, full of hope and possibility. We welcomed them as neighbors. They were friends of my parents, when my Mother went to work at the Osage Boat Factory their house became the daycare home for my brother and I .. and the lovely lady became our "Second Mom." Through the years, they have welcomed us back to the neighborhood twice, we lived across the road from them when we lived at the resort, presently we live just down the road. You couldn’t have asked for better neighbors.

Cookies warm from the oven, kids to play with, warm loving hugs.
A piano on the porch, playing hopscotch in the yard, a windmill turning.
A claw foot bathtub, fun in the girls room, memories made.
Laughter, old stories, blueberry pies, cookies made with lard and egg coffee.
Red Christmas doilies, Christmas bread braided, warm cinnamon rolls and a pickle in the Christmas tree.
Church quilts, a precious white puppy and plants in the kitchen window.
Tango red geraniums, pretty plates, Cardinals, and orange begonias.
Buttercup squash and cucumbers, jars of pickles shared, recipes freely given.
Coffee is always on, the door is always open, the sweet voice always hollers "Come on in" Welcoming hugs.
Then silence..

The house, had stood for 109 years. It had served its occupants well, it was time to move on.

On Saturday it was used as a control burn for the local Fire Department to train firefighters. For many young firefighters this was their first time being inside a burning house.

Early Monday morning, the elderly gentleman was called home. It is the end of a generation. The windmill keeps turning, the next generation is in place. Wonderful neighbors they are, part of the family that moved from Nebraska so long ago. You couldn’t ask for better neighbors:)

Photos from Saturday May 23, 2009


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2 Responses to The Neighbors Farmhouse

  1. buffalogal says:

    It makes me sad to see the photos of the burning home…kind of like I felt when my old schoolhouse and my old church were torn down to make way for newer buildings. Life goes on but sometimes it is hard to see the Old Life go.

  2. East Side says:

    I woke up on Sunday morning and I couldn’t get back to sleep. I needed a walk, so I walked a road I had walked many times growing up, I hadn’t planned on crying when I walked passed the house, but the tears flew out of my eyes. I lived across from the white house for eight years, it was a landmark for me, and that road will never be the same.

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